By Jane Johnson


Because … Only at the Palace Saloon 5k can you witness a female co-ed pushing a friend in a shopping cart over the entire course while her passenger smoked a cigarette and drank a beer – creating a major dilemma for Bill Lott at the finish line about whether to count them as one runner or two.

Because … the FSU Seminoles and Gene Deckerhoff have nothing on GWTC – thanks to Herb Wills whose colorful play by play analysis of local track meets adds flavor and spice (no pun intended) to every event.

Because … all David Yon had to do was put out a request for volunteers for the Seminole Invitational, and dozens of club members showed up to do whatever was needed to ensure the meet’s success – and if they were really lucky, they learned the secret benefits of “thumb taping.”

Because … Kate McFall has created the Furry Scurry – a tremendously successful fundraising race for the humane treatment of animals – on a signature Dana Stetson course of indeterminable distance with a gut-wrenchingly steep climb up an uneven dirt surface in the last 200 yards just for kicks.

Because … Bill “Mr. Volunteer” Lott is so conscientious, he was out setting up the Springtime 10k course even before race directors Tom Perkins and Jeanne O’Kon got there (at 4:00 a.m.!)

Because … Once again, Jeanne O’Kon and Tom Perkins orchestrated an expertly organized and memorable Springtime 10k and one-mile race with a fantastic post-race party – and a knock-your-socks-off t-shirt design that really captures the essence of Springtime in Tallahassee.

Because … There is hope that certain Tallahassee running traditions will be carried into perpetuity – Dana Stetson’s daughter was spotted at the two mile mark of the Springtime 10k course observing her father’s technique as he offered glazed donuts to the runners as they passed.

Because … Palace Saloon 5k race directors Jeff Bryan, Reid Vannoy and Herb Wills worked together to produce a great race with fast times and cold refreshments at the finish – and helped to preserve the tradition of one of the oldest races in Tallahassee.

Because … Kathy McDaris and her crew of over 100 volunteers at the Red Hills Triathlon provided 83 people with the chance to say their very first triathlon was one of the best organized multi-sport races in Florida and gave the rest of the 243 participants a great experience on a challenging course in ideal conditions.

Because … The combined photographic talents of Tom Scott and John Kalin have created an incredibly comprehensive and entertaining photo library that provides members with a wonderful album of memories (and in some cases, embarrassment.)