Paul Hiers has been directing so many races lately he can no longer remember which way is up. As a result, everyone took off in the wrong direction in the Under the Oaks 8K… Fortunately he had anticipated this might happen and marked the course accordingly. The benefit was runners got to finish mostly downhill over the last mile, a big plus over the way the course finished the last several years. The oppressively humid conditions made it tough to tell if the course was faster this direction, but it was nice to have gravity working your way as the gas tank ran out. This grand prix race was a benefit for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs in Tallahassee.

David Ogletree did not let the humidity both him much as he left every one else behind with a 26:32 effort. Tim Simpkins continues to run great times for a master or for that matter anyone as he finished second overall with a time of 27:40. Jane Johnson is not a master yet, but she completed the mother-daughter victory triumph with a 30:48. Her daughter, Kara, traveled to Mobile to win the Great Muddy High School Cross Country see Great Muddy results) meet for Maclay school. Sissi Carol was second in 34:12, while Peggy Simpson was first master in 34:12. Special thanks are due to the FSU cross country team for providing some quality volunteer help! Updated Grand Prix results are on their way. Click here for complete Oaks results.