By Bonnie Wright


A recipe for fun: Set the temperature of a summer Tallahassee evening to 95 degrees. Add a humidity mix of 100%. Stir until thick. Mix in a few irritating gnats. Add about 100 kids of all ages, sizes, shapes and style. Top with a few volunteers and you have a great ice cream social.

The July 25, 2002, Summer Track Series at Maclay School was also the site of the second annual GWTC Ice Cream Social. There were two races on at the same time. The start of the 5K Summer Grand Prix race and the start of the ice cream eating fest. Not trying to brag, but I think I had more in line for ice cream than at the start of the 5k, plus I had some finishers of the Ice Cream before the first lap of the 5K was run.

Susan Stetson, Judy Chin, and Jane Johnson, and Vicki Droze, who were our “race officials”, scooped over 100 cones in record pace. Some of the kids were small and energetic, some of the kids looked like the twin of Dave Rogers and others in his age group, and a few kids in between. The last scoop was saved for Cole Hensley, a young 5k runner who wasn’t quite up to eating after finishing the run.

At the next Ice Cream Social I promise to have more Cookies and Cream ice cream!