Why my parents are obsessed with running

Danice Stetson
For all the kids out there whose parents love to run, this article is for you. You see, my Mom and Dad love to run. My Dad, Dana Stetson, has been in many so-called races. (I like to think of these as war battles to see if he can finish first). My Mom, Susan Stetson, just started to run last year. Both my parents have running logs and suggest I keep one, too.

I think my Dad is more obsessed with running than my Mom. I think this is because of my Dad’s garage. Now, this is no ordinary garage because the walls and ceiling are covered in pictures, space blankets, and awards from races. He also has tons of books on running, working out for races, and other stuff like that.

While we’re on the subject of medals, he has so many that I can’t pick them all up. While my Mom, on the other hand, has her running log, her running shoes, and her running outfits. She also has a heart rate monitor that is annoying because it beeps every time her heart goes past a certain rate. She’s always fidgeting with it when we go running.

Oh yes, I do run. I was on the middle school cross country team. I do like running but not too often. I know my parents are obsessed with running, but they like other sports, too. But, their favorite sport is running. My Mom tells me the story of how Daddy started running.

You see, the day Daddy stopped smoking he ran around a football field. Mommy didn’t think he could do it, but he did. Then, he started to run longer races, in a month he was running a 10K! Now, he gets up really early and runs every day. These are some of the reasons I think my parents are obsessed with running!