Fran McLean,

34 Runners and 5 dogs braved the artic-like weather on New Year’s morning to attend the 2018 Wilde Mountain Scramble held at Forest Meadows. Even braver were the race organizers – Ray Hanlon, Bill Lott, Fran McLean and her assistant Graci, all of whom showed up early to set up and then shiver for the next 45 minutes while anxiously awaiting the participants arrival.

The race started promptly at 8:31 on the Lake Overstreet trails. The official distance was 5 miles, though nothing is ever “official” with this event, except for the no-whining rule. After implementation of the brilliant, though chaotic scoring system, the results were finally tallied. Maclay sophomore Rachael Stockel was the overall grand prize winner with a -1 (negative one) finish. Gary Droze was second with a finish number of 0. This may appear to make no sense, but only to the uninitiated.

Acknowledgement goes to Tim Brewton for managing to be dead last with a finish number of 48, even though there were only 34 participants. However, this means he will have good luck all year!! Thanks to John McCoy for bringing freshly baked cookies and to Peg and Gary Griffin for their assistance in transporting the fire pit and to all the runners for their contributions and excellent atitiudes. Fred’s Scrambled Photos

Happy New Year to All!