By Greg Waddell


The 7 p.m. start provided 90 degree weather with high humidity as it usually does for the Bainbridge, Ga. Memorial Run for Health 5K race each year. As the 85 runners began their trek of the loop course, newcomer to Tallahassee Mike Nichols went through the first mile in 5:26 followed by Mike Labossiere in 5:30. As I trailed by some 10 seconds, I wondered which Mike would win.

Two miles went in 11:05 for Nichols with Labossiere on his shoulder – patiently waiting. I still had a good view 15 seconds back. With a half mile to go, Labossiere made his move and surged past Nichols. I thought, good for Labossiere, he’s got the win. With a quarter mile to go and my view getting dimmer – as I was demonstrating the classic case of “falling apart” – I couldn’t believe my eyes – NO WAY- Labossiere took a wrong turn! There is only one turn left and he takes it one road early. I could not believe what I was seeing. Though he fought to regain the lead, Nichols held him off for the win in 17:16.


On the women’s side Donna Faney won by over a minute finishing in 22:02. Dorinda Lamber was second in 23:15. Best we can tell they both stayed on the course the entire way.

1. Mike Nichols 17:16
2. Mike Labossiere 17:17
3. Greg Waddell 17:49
4. Terry Presnell 18:08
5. Mike Simms 18:15
6. Gary Kenney 18:55
7. Jay Culbreth 19:04
8. Gary Cato 19:09
9. Bob Prentiss 19:26
10. Hobson Fulmer 19:38

1. Donna Faney 22:02
2. Dorinda Lambert 23:15
3. Donna Gunter 24:35
4. Meghann Gunter 24:43
5. Susan Hollis 24:50
6. Carolyn Hay 24:54
7. Elizabeth Whaley 25:08
8. Joann Conti 25:42
9. Carol Rhodes 25:57
10. Lori Willner 26:06