Your money at work: 2002 CCCC banquet

By Jane Johnson

In case you were wondering where your contributions to GWTC’s Chenoweth Fund go…

On Saturday, August 17th, my husband Brent and I had the privilege of attending the Capital City Christian Cruisers (CCCC) Annual Awards banquet on behalf of Gulf Winds Track Club. We were invited because the CCCC wanted to thank Gulf Winds for the financial support that the Chenoweth Fund has provided to their organization over the years.

Prepared to accept a plaque and shake some hands, I taken totally by surprise by a very moving and inspiring evening of singing, sharing and fellowship. This was no ordinary awards banquet – and CCCC is no ordinary organization.

CCCC was started by the husband and wife team of Ernie and Alice Sims, who were both outstanding athletes while at FSU. As a result of their work with Florida’s Dept. of Juvenile Justice, they became discouraged by the number of young people getting into trouble with the criminal justice system and they felt compelled to do something more to help at-risk kids stay out of trouble. Combining their collective athletic experience and expertise, they founded a track club, and set about cultivating young runners who might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate on a track team.

Ernie and Alice are out to build more than fast runners. They are equally committed to building strong, responsible young citizens, using the self discipline required for athletic success as a paradigm for ensuring their young athletes’ success as young men and women in society.

The club has grown into a very effective program and the athletes participate in sanctioned track meets all over the state. Ernie and Alice’s commitment to the CCCC is not just a hobby; it is a powerful ministry and there is no telling how many young lives have been changed for the better – or kept from misfortune – as a result of their efforts.

I felt incredibly proud to be a part of the Gulf Winds track club that night. The contributions we have been able to make to the Tallahassee community because of your generous support of the Chenoweth Fund are making a real difference in the lives of real people.

The purpose of the Chenoweth Fund is to assist local runners to achieve athletic excellence. The fund is administered by the Chenoweth Committee, whose members are Warren Emo, Myrna Hoover, Mary Register, Toma Wilkerson and David Yon. For more information on the fund or to make a contribution, go to the GWTC website and click on “Chenoweth Fund” in the table of contents.


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