for August 12, 2020 Hosted by Heather York via Robert Skrob via Zoom


 Voting Members: Paul Guyas, Mark Priddy, David Yon, Chika Okoro, Judy Alexander, Heather York, Robert Skrob, Johanna Petty, Tristin LaNasa, Vicky Droze, Mary Jean Yon.

 Non-Voting Members: Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, Chris Turner, Thomas Biance, Sheryl Rosen, Doug Bell, Lisa Unger, Dominick Milner, Gabrielle Gabrielli, Nico Wienders.

 The meeting was called to order by Paul Guyas at 7:32 p.m. A quorum was established. The August meeting agenda was approved with no objections.

The approval of the July 2020 meeting minutes was tabled to allow more time for review.


 Board Vacancies – Paul Guyas

Paul announced that the positions of Secretary and Trail Coordinator are both vacant and the search is on to find replacements. Both Alyssa Moore (Secretary) and Johanna Petty (Train Coordinator) have workload issues that make it difficult to fully commit to these positions. Mary Jean Yon will temporarily handle the duties of the Secretary until the position can be filled.


Holiday Party and Awards Ceremony Update – Vicky Droze

Vicky warned of possible cancelations for the Holiday Party (December) and the Awards Ceremony (January) due to concerns with COVID -19 and the risks and restrictions associated with large group gatherings. The planned venues for both events, Shiloh Farms and Goodwood Museum & Gardens, have agreed to roll the Club’s deposits over to the following year. Vicky has also been in touch with the band (Groove Merchants) for the Holiday Party and while they remain flexible, the band will need to know something by October. No action was requested at this time, but it was agreed to make a final decision at the next board meeting.

Youth Running – David Yon

David briefed the group on the Maclay running camp for elementary, middle and high school age youths. that he has been helping with during the summer. Coach Angie Milford has led the camp and has done a good job of having the participants wear masks (when not running) and practice social distancing. The camp was scheduled to end on August 12. However, because of the delays in opening schools t Angie and David have continued the workouts on a smaller scale as Maclay School is now back in session. David proposed to the board that GWTC help out during these last few weeks until the public schools start again. Workouts would take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and will continue all social distancing and other public heath protocols. It is anticipated that 15-20 runners would participate in this extended period. A motion to have GWTC assist with this program by providing oversight, volunteers and expertise was made, seconded and passed. David advised that anyone wanting to be involved can contact him.

2021 Tallahassee Marathon & Half-Marathon Update – Sheryl Rosen

Shery Rosen, race director for the Tallahassee Marathon & Half-Marathon, reported that the marathon committee met and recommended to the board that the 2021 race be canceled, in its usual format, due to concerns and uncertainties associated with COVID-19. She and the committee will monitor the situation and would be willing to consider a smaller, more informal race should conditions improve in 2021.

Racing Ideas – Robert Skrob

Robert reported that he and Kory have recently participated in triathlons that implemented public health protocols including staggered start times, required social distancing, etc. He expressed confidence that these practices could also be used to conduct a 5K race and proposed having a trial run at Maclay Gardens State Park or some other venue. Discussion ensued regarding the ability to secure approval, in general, from the City of Tallahassee and other permitting entities. Paul suggested proposing a plan to convince these groups that some racing can be done on a limited and controlled manner. No action was taken.

 Tannenbaum 6K (2019) Wrap-Up – Herb Wills                                   

The 2019 Tannenbaum 6K wrap-up was tabled for a subsequent meeting.

 Women’s Distance Festival – Lisa Unger

Lisa briefed the board on her plans to convert the Women’s Distance Festival 5K, originally scheduled for September 19, to a virtual race. Plans call for charging $10/person to register and participants have one week, starting September 19, to run the course and report their time via RunSignUp. She has reached out to the neighborhood association in that area and received a favorable response. She presented a proposed budget that included $90 for awards and noted that allocation was very flexible depending upon how participation turned out. She anticipates having 25 people participate and noted that having a charity this year is very much up in the air. A motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and approved.

Prefontaine Forest Run 5K – Doug Bell

Race Directors Doug Bell and Mike Baker are also proposing to go virtual and convert the Prefontaine Forest Run 5K to a virtual race. The race course will be moved to the Twilight Trail (Munson Hills) and participants will have a three day period, September 25-27, to run the course and report their times to Doug. A proposed budget was submitted which included a registration fee of $5/person and $50 for awards which Doug intends to make himself. Proceeds will be shared with St. Francis Wildlife Association. A motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and approved.

Tallahassee Ultra Distance Challenge – Thomas Biance

Thomas reported that he and Co-Race Director, Sarah Thompson are looking at turning the traditional Ultra Distance races into a month-long challenge where participants run or walk either 100 or 200 miles in the month of December. A proposed budget was presented which triggered discussion regarding the high price of the race shirt and Thomas agreed to order the shirts on an as-needed basis so as to not to incur a loss. Also, it was clarified that any race proceeds must be shared 50/50 (at a minimum) with GWTC. With those understandings, a motion to approve the budget was made, seconded and passed with one vote in opposition.


Treasurer – David Yon

David provided the treasury report as of August 12, 2020. Assets were reported at $249,365.14. During the period July 1 – August 12, the club took in 2,053 and spent $1290 thereby generating $763 net revenue. It was also noted that the final loss for the Springtime race was $4,407 which was less than anticipated given the very late cancellation order from the city.

 Triathlete Club – John Sivyer

No report.

Race Director Coordinator – Mary Jean Yon

In addition to the race updates already discussed, Mary Jean shared news of a program known as “Masks4Class” where a volunteer group is making masks for youth to wear when school starts. The goal is to have 5,000 masks made and the target group is Title 1 schools and others in need. The group contacted GWTC hoping there would be leftover t-shirts to contribute and the GWTC Race Directors were advised accordingly.

Newsletter – Robert and Kory Skrob

Robert reported that he has reached out to Grand Prix participants asking that photos and memories to be featured in next month’s Fleet Foot issue. He welcomes any content suggestions during this time of no racing.

Membership –Mark Priddy

Memberships and households for the year were reported at 1,330 and 696, respectively, as of August 12, 2020. These figures are compared to those at this time last year, which included 1,127 memberships and 597 households. There are also 280 Tri-Club members.

Diversity Committee – Chris Turner

As chair of this new committee, Chris reported that the group met on July 14, 2020 and plans to focus on overall diversity and inclusion for the club. The committee understands this is not a short-term project and is looking forward to demonstrating that GWTC has no barriers. Some of the ideas discussed to date include partnering with other organizations to increase participation in club races and other activities and finding ways to off-set the high cost of registration fees. He encouraged everyone to share their ideas with him and to stay in touch via Facebook or email.

 Grand Prix Committee – Mark Tombrink

This year’s Grand Prix competition has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on all races. The committee expressed a desire to not pressure any race directors or potential participants to take any risks should any races be held from now until the end of the year. Any decisions regarding the 2021 Grand Prix will be made later this year. Likewise, decisions regarding the GWTC Awards Ceremony will also be made at a later date. It is anticipated that the categories of available awards will be greatly reduced to reflect this situation. In the meantime, the committee is asking for input on everyone’s favorite running trails so that a vote can be taken to determine a winner in that category.

 Training Groups – Thomas Biance

Thomas reminded everyone that he and Paul are still looking for someone to take over this coordinator position. Paul stated he would add this to his recruitment list and at least one board member expressed an interest in helping out.

Chika Okoro added that the Beginning Group will be starting on September 23 and is looking for ways to go virtual.

Education and Lecture – Kat Sack

No report.

Trail Coordinator – Johanna Petty

Johanna expressed her regrets about having to step down from this position due to work and time issues but stressed that she is happy to continue coordinating activities and information sharing with the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association.

 Chenoweth Fund – David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Website – David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Volunteer – Lyssa Oberkreser

No report.

Chip Timing– Bill Lott

Bill Lott provided the following chip timing report. No races were chip timed by GWTC in July as the two races scheduled were canceled.  Four races were originally scheduled to be timed in August; however, three have been canceled and the fourth will likely be some form of virtual race if it is held. Four races are scheduled for September, but one has already been canceled. The status of the other three races is unknown at this time, although some form of virtual event has been discussed.

 Equipment – Bill Lott for Tec Thomas

No equipment issues to report.

Youth Council – Kaari Guyas

Nothing new to report.

Merchandise –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

Gulf Winds masks are now available on the GWTC online store. Cost is $12.99 each.

Social – Vicky Droze

See discussion above.


Paul reminded everyone that it is time for the GWTC election/nomination process to begin. He will follow up with Zack Scharlepp. who chairs the Committee on Nominations.

 A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 P.M.

Mary Jean Yon, Interim Secretary



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