for June 14, 2017, Hosted by David and Mary Jean Yon

Present: Paul Guyas, Tom Perkins, Kory Skrob, Charlie Johnson, Mike Savage, Mark Priddy, Emma Spencer, Mary Jean and David Yon, Katie Sherron, Judy Alexander, Tracy Godin, Tony Guillen, Herb Wills Others; Bill Lott, Eric Godin, Robert Skrob, Katie Sack, Felton Wright.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. and a quorum was established.

The Board reviewed the May 2017 minutes. A motion to approve was made, seconded and passed.

New Business

Breakfast on the Track Budget 2017 – Felton Wright presented the budget for the 2017 Breakfast on the Track.  Estimated revenues are $2,860, expenditures $2,003, with a net revenue of $857. A motion was made to approve this budget, seconded and passed unanimously.  

Spring Time Wrap-up 2017­ – Katie Sherron provided a brief wrap up of the 2017 edition of the Spring Time races on behalf of Shaun and Mandy Hudson. Katie agreed with the bottom line of the budget and mentioned that $8,000 in sponsorship from CHP was still outstanding but that Mandy had requested that to have the charity checks split and sent to the charities.  As it stands without the CHP sponsorship, charity funds would be $11,000 to be split between GWTC, Boys and Girls Club and Leon County Humane Society, with the sponsorship, charity funds would be $19,000.  Katie asked for guidance on how to proceed, it was suggested she could send out partial payments or wait until the check arrived and send out just one payment.  A motion was made to give the treasurer the discretion to write checks on behalf of Spring Time how she sees fit, it was seconded and passed unanimously. 

Publix New Policy on Sponsorship Requests­ – Mark Priddy provided some new information from a letter he had received related to requesting grants or sponsorship from Publix supermarkets.  Publix have instituted a new policy that requests any new applications or appeals for funding/sponsorship from them be through their online portal.  Eric Godin said that he had knowledge of applications through a similar method and said that anyone applying for donations this way should follow up with Publix as often requests get lost in a black hole.

Just Get Fit – Mary Jean received an email from the co-owner of Just Get Fit inviting GWTC to their grant reopening expo.  GWTC will be represented by Rachael Scharlepp, Bill Lott, David and Mary Jean Yon and anyone else wanting to attend.  They will have a GWTC table with merchandise.

Old Business

 Extreme Challenge Standing Update – Mark Priddy informed the Board that the last man standing in the Extreme Challenge, Eric Anderson, unfortunately could not make the last race and so there is no longer anyone left in the challenge and no awards will be given out this year.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report –Katie Sherron

Katie provided the Board with account information showing that as of May 31, 2017, the summary accounts are, $104,408.77 in the Operations account, $2,650.84 for the Events 1 accounts, $11,937.38 for the Events 2 account, $14,168.21 for the Triathlon account, $85,500 in the Invest and Reserve account and $16,311.28 in the Chenoweth Fund.  Compared to last year at the same time, GWTC is in a much better position financially, however, some marathon checks for expenses and charity donations are still to go out.  By next meeting Katie aims to have a fiscal budget for financial year 2017-18 and end of year wrap up.

Membership Report –Mark Priddy

There are 1312 members in the club as of June 14, 2017, an increase of 39 from last month’s meeting. We also have 675 household memberships, 17 more than last month. The Tri Club has 240 members.  The summertime track series attracted approximately 8 new memberships.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean held a Race Directors meeting on June 4th and send out summary notes to the race directors.  She asked if the Board would like copies of the summary notes and is willing to send them out via email.  A number of Board members expressed an interest in receiving these notes, she will provide them for the past three meetings. 

Newsletter Report –Fred Deckert

No report.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Rachael Scharlepp

No report

Equipment Report – Katie Sack & Bill Lott

Nothing new to report, except that the third feather is still missing, efforts are still being made to locate this.  Additionally, they may need to replace some of the coolers as a number have been leaking. Bill asked Katie if the leaks were coming from the spigot or from the inside as the spigot could be easily replaced, Katie is going to put the defective coolers to the side to see if they need to be replaced or fixed.  Furthermore, some of the coolers that came back from certain races were not cleaned to a high standard. It was suggested that Katie include on the reservation form that a cleaning fee of $25-50 be taken from the deposit amount if the race directors did not return the equipment cleaned to a high standard. 

Website Committee Report –David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Chenoweth Fund Report –David Yon

David reported that the Pot Luck Bash was a great success and that the Chenoweth Committee created a new award for this year, the Paul Hoover Leadership Award.  A $1000 scholarship would be awarded to a high school senior that demonstrated the same leadership qualities Paul did.  For 2017 this scholarship was personally donated, however going forward David and the Chenoweth Committee would like for it to come from the Chenoweth Fund.  A motion was made to approve the Paul Hoover Leadership Award at $1000 going forward, a second was made and the motion passed unanimously.  Judy Alexander asked what developments had been made regarding the request from Gary Droze for TCC scholarships and athletic wheelchairs to the Chenoweth Committee. David stated that Gary would be presenting these requests to the Chenoweth Committee soon and that he had three TCC scholarship recipients in mind. 

Triathlete Report –Charlie Johnson

Charlie gave his report for the Triathlon Club including that this month’s triathlete spotlight would focus on Alison & Wayne Thumm. The next Grand Prix Race is the Jax Tri Series #1 to be held on June 17th. The next Tri Club Meeting will be June 19 at 6:30 pm at MoMos Market Square and will include Dr. Ryan Fenn, Chiropractor as the speaker.  A new Grand Prix Committee has been formed to sharpen up the process and it is likely that a separate committee will be set up to create a Duathlon only based Grand Prix schedule to encourage runners into multisport. The date has been set for the St. Marks Duathlon 2018.  It is likely to be Sunday, March 25 2018, due to this date not being on the time change and it is also outside of spring break for FSU and schools, which is a benefit when trying to recruit volunteers.

Lecture Series Report – Kory Skrob

On June 13th, Kory held a lecture on training in the heat and humidity given by Dr. Joe Mazziotta and had a huge turnout of 35 people.  The lecture has been recorded and will be available on the website and Facebook. The next lecture after this one will likely be in August or September and any ideas for future lectures and/or free venues are greatly appreciated.  One possible idea was to have a podiatrist give a lecture or possibly a lecture on Achilles and plantar injuries and rehabilitation.    

Training Report –Tracy Godin

Tracy mentioned that she would be having a marathon training wrap up with Jon Manry from CCR to find out what was good and bad about the training. One of the main issues was that she did not get many of the blue cooler bags returned.  Trailblazers has also wrapped up after a good training session.

Social Report – Kristin Halley

Kristin provided her report via email and included that they had a Gulf Winds Trivia Night on May 16th, decent turn out, about 15 people and received a lot of positive feedback so they will probably do another in the fall.  Hopefully they can promote it more and get a bigger turn out. Kristin will be posting the next social to Facebook by this weekend, it is for Saturday, June 24th at Wakulla Springs. People can stay after the Freedom Run 5k and they will have the pavilion for the day so everyone can hang out. Picnics are encouraged.  She and Amelia are working on ideas for July and August.

Trail Coordinator Report –Jim Halley

Jim provided his report via email and included that the Trailblazers training group is over and they had record-breaking attendance this year. It was a success as nobody died and nobody got lost for good. Race 1 of the summer trail series was a hit out at Munson. Race 2 is July 1st at Phipps. They intend to host preview runs of all summer trail series races. Furthermore, Jim would like to state that trails continue to be way better than the road.

Other Items

 Charlie Johnson on behalf of Cindy Johnson, thanked the Club and Bill Lott for their help with the Jackie Robinson 5K that benefited the Boys and Girls Club.

David Yon mentioned that the SMIRFS running group had between 20 and 30 children attend and at least 24 ran a timed mile.  The coaches are doing a great job and the program is running well.

The Summer Track Series is also successful with at least 200 children under 5 years old participating in various events. 

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


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