for , March 10, 2021, Hosted by Robert Skrob via Zoom/ On site at Midtown Pies by Mark Priddy


Voting Members: Mark Priddy, Robert Skrob, Heather Vickers, Kat Sack, Brittney Barnes, Jerry McDaniel, Charlie Johnson, Judy Alexander, Peg Griffin, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Tina Bahmer, Herb Wills, Tom Perkins, Paul Guayas, and Tristan LaNasa

Non-Voting Members:  Bill Hillison, Danny Manausa, Tec Thomas, Chris Turner, Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, and Keith Rowe

The meeting was called to order by Mark Priddy at 7:30 p.m. A quorum was established. The March meeting agenda was approved with no objection.

A motion to approve the meeting minutes for the February meeting with added clarification to the bylaws committee membership was made, seconded and passed without objection


 Flash 6k/12K Wrap-Up

Keith Rowe was happy to report the race went on without a hitch, no safety concerns arose. The net revenue was $180.98, with a proposed 50/50 split to the RonStrong Foundation and the GWTC contingent upon the final disbursement from RunSignUp.  The race was able to bring in $748 of direct donations for RonStrong.

Diversity Committee IRC project

Danny Manausa briefed the group on the  GWTC- IRC partnership which has been meeting on Wednesdays at Cascades Park. ,  This project is an opportunity  to welcome families of political refugees into our country and running community. More opportunities for grants will likely come

The program started March 17, 2021 and will span at least six weeks and will help grow the club as well as our diversity. It can also lead to immersion of these families to join our various summer programs and all the club has to offer. The hope is to gain more grants in the future and continuous growth. The project partnered with Fleet Feet to get shoes for those who need them at a discounted price.

The grant cycle is once a year, and we hope this project will lead to a bigger grant next year.

David Yon and Chris Turner will implement  out of the box thinking to bring more people into the running community, including those from varying socioeconomic levels which will help everyone learn more about people outside of our normal group.

Motion to approve the program was made seconded and passed

 Chip Timing Report Bill Hillison

Bill Hillison presented the Annual Chip Timing Report which included the following. The club has been chip timing for 8.5 years and has accumulated  $85,000 worth of timing equipment. We have timed over 130,000 runners, which includes both club and non-club races.

Chip timing has raised $116,000 from non-club races, and saved $120,000 for club races that we used to  hire  timers for. Just for comparison of the last year, in 2019: 11,000 runners from club races, 2020: 1500 runners…due to the pandemic. Bill added that help is still needed with chip timing volunteers, and thanked both Robert Skrob and Kat Sack for their continued help, as we know Peg Griffin will no longer be timing non-club races.

Moderators for GWTC Social Media- Kat Sack

 After some discussion, a motion was bought forth for appointing moderators for GWTC social media as we continue to grow as club, essentially having more rules set in place for who oversees our social media and web outlets. As a board we did not have enough information to approve the motion.  


Treasurer – Peg Griffin

Peg provided the treasury report as of February 28, 2021. Assets were reported at $265,840.29 and Net Revenue was $17,131.95.

Triathlete Club – Tina Bahmer

The Triclub’s next meeting will be held on March 15th at 7pm, and will feature FSU’s Shiloh Buller on collagen peptide studies and the benefits for athletes.

 Race Director Coordinator – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean  had nothing new to report but did mention our contact Major Sally Davis, with Leon County EMS Services, was included in the Tallahassee Democrat’s “25 Women You Need To Know”,  and she does a great job getting EMS coverage at club races.

 Newsletter – Robert Skrob

Robert reported that the March newsletter will be out, it will be brief but will have the featured Feet profiles and a President’s letter with advertisers.

 Membership –Tristan LaNasa

Memberships and households were reported at 989 and 499, respectively, as of March 10, 2021. These figures are compared to those at this time last year, which included 1,339 memberships and 719 households. We have noticed a small up tick in memberships.

Diversity Committee – Chris Turner

Chris had to leave early but wanted to present a new certificate being used by many business and community programs. USF is supporting a diversity, equity, and inclusion workplace certificate, and suggest it to the board members as it may be a more comfortable atmosphere to learn about these discussions versus other venues.

More information can be found at

 Education and Lecture – Kat Sack

No report.

.Trail Work Committee – Dominic Milner

No Report

Website – David Yon

No report

 Chenoweth Fund – David Yon

No Report

Merchandise –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

No report.

Equipment – Tec Thomas & Bill Lott

Tec issued a reminder for the club race directors to submit their equipment rental forms to rent out equipment, so we have no confusion when races start to pick up again.

Bill reported that for equipment he ordered two new batteries for $99 and a pin knob for one of the race clock tripods at $8

Chip Timing– Bill Lott

One race was timed in February, which was the Flash. No races are scheduled for the month of March, and in April, the timing crew will be timing the Hops & Half Shells race.

Trail Running/Racing Coordinator

No Report

 Grand Prix Committee – Mark Tombrink

No Report

 Volunteer – Lyssa Oberkreser

No Report

Training Groups – Tristan LaNasa

Tristan added that the training group on Wednesday is still the same but he is  getting more people filling out the training waiver and has hopes of slowly getting back to normal. He generally gets about ten people that show up for intervals every Wednesday.

Youth Council – Kaari Guyas

No report.

Social – Vicky Droze

No report.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:46pm

Brittney Barnes





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