for March 9, 2022, Momo's Pizza at Market Street

Voting Members Present: Mark Priddy, Heather Vickers, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, Herb Wills, David Yon, Jo Lena Bryan, Judy Alexander, Philip Sura, Lisa Unger, Stephanie Liles-Weyant, Paul Guyas, Mary Jean Yon.
Voting Members Absent: Kory Skrob, Robert Skrob, Kendrah Richards, Tina Bahmer.

Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, Chris Turner, Sheryl Rosen, Keith Rowe, Allen Blay, Tarik Noriega.

I. Opening and Introduction:

The meeting was called to order by Mark Priddy at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was established. The March 9, 2022 agenda was approved without objection. A motion to approve the February 9, 2022 minutes was made, seconded, and passed.

II. Old Business/Race Closeouts:

a. Tallahassee Marathon & Half-Marathon Closeout: Sheryl Rosen presented the closeout for the Marathon & Half-Marathon. There was a net revenue of $75,043.88 and expenses totaling $78,680.08 resulting in a loss of $3,636.20. Sheryl noted there were many price increases on items such as port-a-lets, police barricades, etc. A motion to approve the race closeout was made, seconded, and passed.

b. Flash 12K/6K Closeout: Keith Rowe presented the closeout for the Flash 12K/6K. There was a net revenue of $5,325.59 and expenses totaling $4,524.72 resulting in a profit of $800.87. Proceeds will be shared with CurePSP as follows: $400.42 for CurePSP and $400.32 for GWTC. A total of $866 direct donations was made to CurePSP making their share a total of $1,266.42. A motion to approve the race closeout was made, seconded, and passed.

c. Update on Review of Bylaws: David Yon shared copies of the latest proposed revisions to the Bylaws that the committee has drafted. He plans to bring the final version to the Board for approval at the next meeting but wanted to share the progress of the committee to date. Highlights include: 1) Clarification of the duties and responsibilities of board members, 2) Stating the club’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, 3) Setting attendance requirements for meetings for board members, 4) Clarification of tax issues that affect the club, 5) Changes to the Awards Committee membership, and more. Anyone who wants a copy of these proposed changes should contact David. Mark Priddy thanked the committee for doing this project and complimented them on their work.

III. New Business: None

IV. Announcements from Officers: Peg Griffin shared that the Mike Boll Memorial mile markers at the Miccosukee Greenway are being installed from the Fleischmann trailhead to Crump Road, a total of seven miles. She is working with Leon County to ensure that the markers are accurately located every mile and, in some cases, every half-mile. At least two of the existing kiosk maps will be replaced, with a statement added to indicate the mile markers were made possible by a gift from the Boll family to Gulf Winds Track Club in memory of Mike.

Mark Priddy reminded the group that he had submitted a letter on behalf of GWTC supporting the Thomasville Road Multi-Use Corridor proposal. He noted that many comments were received and that most appeared to be against the proposal.

V. Reports:

1) Treasurer: Peg Griffin provided a detailed financial report showing that the total revenue from July 2021 through February 2022 was $277,910.36. The current assets are $204,446.04, with a net loss this month of $49,088.12.

2) Triathlete Club: Kory Skrob reported, via email, that the GWTC Triathletes will be hosting the St. Marks Duathlon on Sunday, March 20. Registration is open and the race includes a relay and fat tire division in addition to age group competition. The club is also in the process of ordering their tri kits for the 2022-2023 season. Details are available on the GWTC Facebook page. The next Tri Club meeting is on March 21st at Momo’s.

3) Race Director Coordinator: Allen Blay, the new race director for the Prefontaine Forest Run 5K, shared some details on this race. He is planning to hold the race on September 24th at the Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation which is located on Lake Talquin near Quincy. He has had a very favorable response from the organizers of the facility and welcomes any and all feedback from board members and club members.

Mary Jean Yon reported that the planning for the Springtime 10K/5K/1M races is coming along. The committee is doing a great job. The sponsorship situation has improved immensely due in large part to the efforts of Jon Brown and other committee members who have successfully reached out to sponsors. There are both cash and in-kind donations, with about $8700 in cash so far. Bill McGuire is working on the course certifications, and Tom Perkins is getting the city permits. Mary Jean is now looking for runners and volunteers. Likewise, the Springtime Training Group is also going well. The group meets every Thursday at 5:45 p.m. at Myers Park and will continue through March 24. Cadence Running is involved. Mark recommended supporting Cadence Running because they have been a great supported of our races, giving away many gift cards.

4) Newsletter: The most recent newsletter is out. Mark reminded Board members to contribute to the newsletter if they are so inclined. Send any contributions to Robert and Kory Skrob. Chris Turner suggested that people should be encouraged to contribute, no matter what their journey, to encourage others.

5) Membership: JoLena reported that there are 1209 members compared to 977 last year at this time, and 665 households compared to 499 at this time last year. The Google group has 48 members right now. Mark pointed out that RaceTrack previously kept track of memberships, and Peg said we also kept a record as a club. GWTC is one of the largest clubs in Florida.

6) Diversity: Chris Turner held a meeting about IRC this week with Danny, Paul and David about how the donated funds are being used. They will start youth training in April with the goal of completing the Southside 5K or One Mile. Last year, they spent abut $700 a week of the donated funds, so he is trying to reduce that. They may also work with the Boys and Girls Club. Additionally, Chris wants to set up an account with Cadence and Fleet Feet to fund the purchase of shoes for needy individuals. Chris isn’t certain if he will be working with Girls on the Run or not. The Title One schools have all received funding. Peg requested that Chris and Danny work on an expected budget for expenses like transportation and shoes. Chris asked the Board to consider waiving race registration fees for a small number of people as needed instead of using the donated funds. But others pointed out that many of the races are struggling already.

7) Education and Lecture: Judy Alexander reported that she sent a report last month about the Capital to Coast Relay. The initial meeting went well and was well-received. There are already 37 teams registered.

8) Web Site: Nothing to report.

9) Chenoweth Fund: David Yon said he received a request from Jefferson County High School for some help to get their Track and Field program back. David will bring a proposal to the Board next month when he receives it. Pot Luck Bash is coming up on June 11, and David wants to get with the coaches to nominate students for the scholarships.

10) Merchandise: No report.

11) Equipment: Bill Lott reported that in February, Vicky Droze purchased two new megaphones at a total cost of $101.90. Peg added that two extra laptops were purchased last year which are used only for a few races. The total cost was $450 to get two laptops refurbished. The club won’t need to buy another laptop for a while.

12) Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that during February, two Club races (Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon/Marathon Relay, and Flash 12K/6K) and one non-Club race (MAD Dash 5K) were chip timed. In March, one Club race (St. Marks Duathlon) and two non-Club races (Shamrock Scurry 5K/1M, and Buck Lake Bobcat 5K/1M will be chip timed. For April, two Club races (Springtime 10K/5K/1M, and Palace Saloon 5K) and two non-Club races (Garnet & Gold 4 Miler, and Rose City 10K/1M) are scheduled to be chip timed. The club needs additional people to learn how to do the chip timing equipment. GWTC has to turn down some races because there are not enough people who know how to use the equipment. The issue was raised about whether the position should be paid, but the club is based on volunteers. Many people give up their weekends to do work for the club. If there were enough volunteers, the work could be divided up more equitably.

13) Grand Prix: Mark Tombrink said there are two scheduling changes. The Hurricane Run One Mile Run was on the Youth Grand Prix Schedule, but the race director has now said that they only wanted to be on the adult Grand Prix. They requested to be removed from the Youth Grand Prix schedule. The other change is the Hops and Half Shells 5K, which has been cancelled for April. The TCC Foundation will not be offering the race. Some of the race courses need to be re-certified.

14) Social: No Report. Mark stated that Tina Bahmer will host the June Board meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne O’Kon


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