for May 10, 2017, Hosted by Robert and Kory Skrob

Present: : Zack Scharlepp, Paul Guyas, Tom Perkins, Kory Skrob, Charlie Johnson, Mike Savage, Mark Priddy, Emma Spencer, Mary Jean and David Yon, Katie Sherron,  Kristin Halley, Judy Alexander, Others; Bill Lott, Rachael Scharlepp, Robert Skrob, Peg and Gary Griffin, Joseph Petty, Katie Sack, Amelia Hodgeson.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. and a quorum was established.

The Board reviewed the April 2017 minutes. A motion to approve was made, seconded and passed.

New Business

Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club 5K –Charlie Johnson put in a quick plug for the 5K race in Cairo on May 13th 2017 directed by his mother.  The race is a fun 5K for a great cause and would love to have members of GWTC participate.  There will also be a prize of a signed NFL football by JJ Wilcox of Tampa Bay, dry fit Nike shirts will also be available to registered participants.

GWTC Fundraising Packages –Robert Skrob presented his fundraising idea of having a single sponsorship package to support all GWTC races and he came to the Board to ask if he could go forward with investigating options by talking with race directors and the website committee among other people and pull together some package ideas.  The concept includes having larger companies at the national level be a sponsor for all races, annual sponsorships have been discussed previously as some companies prefer to give once rather than multiple times. David Yon stated that an analysis would be a good idea to do first on the concept. The Board agreed for Robert to go forward with his idea and present to the Board at a later date his findings.

Lake Overstreet Fountain –Gary Griffin, Chairman of Friends of Maclay, asked the Board for a donation to replace the water fountain used by many GWTC members on the Lake Overstreet trail as it is rusted out and no longer functioning correctly.  The current fountain was a gift from GWTC in 2004 and cost approximately $2000.  Since then, the cost of a similar fountain with a pet bowl has increased to approximately $3700.  Gary asked if the Board would consider donating a gift of $2000 for the fountain and the rest would come from Friends of Maclay.  He wants to build the relationship between GWTC and Friends of Maclay with a plaque on the fountain that states the fountain was donated by both entities, as well as getting GWTC members involved in trail work and the removal of invasive species.  Jospeh Petty from the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Club (TMBC) said he could help coordinate trail work as they do a lot with the city and would potentially like to help split the cost of the fountain three ways between GWTC, Friends of Maclay and TMBC.  A motion was made to allow a donation of up to $2000 on a fountain, seconded, further discussions included Tom Perkins requesting that the fountain have a textured finish for a longer lifespan, and Mark Priddy asking what the state of the old fountain was and how soon the new one would be installed.  Gary stated the top part of the current fountain was rusted out and that the installation of the new one would be a priority.  The motion then passed unanimously.

Christmas Party and Potluck Social Planning – Joseph Petty was introduced to the Board as the new social coordinator for the Christmas Party and the Potluck Bash replacing Kathy Lindsay. Joseph stated that he has the beer purchasing figured out for Potluck but he will need a truck to pick it up, Zack said he could help with that. Joseph also said that they would be getting the food from Publix the day of the event and that they will prepare the food at Forest Meadows with Jude and Sarah Dugas 3-4 hours ahead of the event.  Joseph also had the ROTC bringing the chairs down from upstairs for volunteer hours, and if any other kids are in need of volunteer hours he could use them for help just let him know.  David Yon asked if he was going to get a tent as one has been used in the past from Jacks Construction, David will pass on the contact details to Joseph. Joseph also mentioned that as he was walking back from the finish of Palace 5K to his car, he noticed a lot of trash and nowhere to put any of the cups.  A recycling company was having an event at the same time and informed him that they usually have their event on the same day as Palace every year and could put trash cans out along the course and may even be a potential sponsor for the race and put information about their recycling event in the race packets.

Sickle Cell 5K and GWTC Partnership– John Brown had previously asked the Board if they would be willing to partner with the Sickle Cell 5K.  David Yon asked the Board if GWTC could adopt the Sickle Cell 5K as a GWTC race and support it like a GWTC race, splitting the proceeds 50/50 between the Sickle Cell charity and GWTC.  However, any specific sponsorship revenue generated for Sickle Cell would go to the Foundation. Paul Guyas and David will present a race budget at a forthcoming Board meeting and they have 5-6 years of previous budgets to analyze.  Adopting this fast race would bring an opportunity to draw members from other areas of the city, while simultaneously supporting efforts to combat a disease. Judy asked if the race director would be a GWTC member, David and Paul said they would help provide assistance and direction to the race director. Having the race under the GWTC umbrella will enhance the race’s reputation and organization. A motion was made to adopt the race as a GWTC race.  Discussions included from Bill Lott, concerns that the race would not make any money, Paul gave a quick breakdown of previous year’s budgets and showed that the race generates a lot of revenue through registrations alone.  The motion was then seconded and passed unanimously, GWTC will adopt the Sickle Cell 5K as a GWTC race.

Potluck Budget 2017 – David presented the budget for the 2017 Potluck Bash.  Costs are a little cheaper this year as David decided to buy water bottles and not caps. Revenue is also estimated to be decreased as the race is not a Grand Prix race this year.  Estimated revenues are $5712.50, expenditures $5685, with a net revenue of $27.50. A motion was made to approve this budget, seconded and passed unanimously.

Trail Series Budget 2017­ – Kristin Halley presented the budget for the 2017 Trail Series.  Included in the budget are the permits for Munson trail that she finally got approved to use for the race ($247.50).  She also was permitted to use Macaly this year also, however she plans to use that trail for next year’s trail series.  Total estimated income for the race is $9050, total expenditures estimated to be $5874, with a net revenue estimated to be $3176.  A motion was made to approve this budget, seconded and passed unanimously.

Old Business

 Marathon Committee Update – David provided the Board with an update on the activities of the marathon committee.  The course has been laid out and will include a loop through Cascades Park as well as traveling down FAMU Way to Proof Brewery.  The course will be a faster, prettier course. There will also be a marathon relay in 2018.  Felton is gathering a list of sponsors and working on securing those, while Sheryl is coordinating all of the committee activities.  David mentioned that Tracy Clark, the police department contact for the marathon, has been promoted but hopes to still be involved.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report –Katie Sherron

Katie provided the Board with account information showing that as of April 30, 2017, the summary accounts are, $112,548.70 in the Operations account, $2,225.84 for the Events 1 accounts, $8,143.25 for the Events 2 account, $8,256.96 for the Triathlon account, $85,000 in the Invest and Reserve account and $15,806.40 in the Chenoweth Fund.  Compared to last year at the same time, GWTC is in a much better position financially, however, some marathon checks for expenses and charity donations are still to go out.

Membership Report –Mark Priddy

There are 1273 members in the club as of May 10, 2017, an increase of 36 from last month’s meeting. We also have 658 household memberships, 28 more than last month. The Tri Club has 232 members.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean is in the process of selecting a meeting date for the next race directors meeting.  There was a miscommunication at Palace 5K as EMS did not provide any units for the race.  John Gay from Leon County EMS is going to reach out to David and discuss what happened.

Newsletter Report –Fred Deckert

No report.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Rachael Scharlepp

Rachael has ordered new singlets and after printing they will be available at Pot Luck.  She has sold approximately $165 in product since the last meeting, this occurred mostly at the Greenway Days event.

Equipment Report – Katie Sack & Bill Lott

Nothing new to report, except that the third feather is still missing, efforts are being made to locate this as it needs repairing.

Website Committee Report –David Yon

Nothing new to report, the news blast is going to emails weekly and includes various stories from people, Mae Cleveland is going to write something for the blast soon.

Chenoweth Fund Report –David Yon

Two requests were made to the Chenoweth Fund for their consideration.  The first was to provide a scholarship of $1200 for TCC cross country athletes provided by GWTC. David mentioned that the Committee were not too keen to support this idea as they felt it did not align with the goals of the Fund.  Judy commented that a lot of money goes to supporting non-running efforts, this one is directly running related and a GWTC scholarship for TCC would be great and if Chenoweth not interested in providing the scholarship, perhaps GWTC could do it as that directly aligns with the goal of the Club. The second ask of the Fund was to purchase adaptive wheelchair equipment so that local adaptive athletes could use these and be encouraged to participate in races. These two requests are to be discussed further.

Triathlete Report –Charlie Johnson

Tri Club newsletter to go out to all track club members in next day or so, the triathlete Spotlight will focus on Allison Born & Tom Biance. The speaker at the next Tri Club meeting on Monday 15th May is to be Patrick Merle (FSU School of Communication Prof; Former Prof. Triathlete Coach) and there will also be a DRC Jax Race Series Free Entry Giveaway at the meeting. The next Grand Prix race is Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast in Panama City Beach on May 13.

Charlie is looking into dates for the 2018 St Marks Duathlon and will get with Peg to find out when is the best time to make sure it doesn’t conflict with other races, likely will be help on a Sunday again and not on the time change weekend.

Charlie also brought up an issue regarding Tri Club Membership and purchasing this on Eventbrite as it is. He wants to consider changing from merchandise to the same set up as track club membership if possible to avoid any confusion on how to buy the membership when purchasing the track club membership.  Because you have to be a member of the track club before you can be a member of the tri club a number of suggestions were made to make sure that these stipulations could be met, including having an option for those who had already purchased track club membership but just wanted to purchase tri club membership, and those who wanted to purchase both or just track club. Katie Sack also suggested that those who wanted to purchase tri club memberships after the fact, could ask for  discount code after their membership with the track club was validated and then use that to purchase a tri club membership on Eventbrite at a pro-rated rate.

Lecture Series Report – Kory Skrob

The next lecture will occur at Premier Health and Fitness on May 21st, and is a runner focused session that will look into core strength, speed and endurance. Kim Johnson will be the instructor for this lecture/demo.  Individuals wanting to attend this event will need to sign up and call Premier as there will be limited space.  The next lecture after this one will likely be in August or September and any ideas for future lectures are greatly appreciated.

Training Report –Kristin Halley for Tracy Godin

Trailblazers and Gulf Winds Goes Long is going on right now through the summer months. Gulf Winds Goes Long is focusing on teaching beginners/intermediate leveled runners on how to build a strong base and how to strengthen their long run abilities. Each week they will have a seasoned distance runner give a quick talk, simply providing a few helpful tips to the runners. So far they have had a great response to the runs and the speakers. It involves a 2-5min talk and then allows for the runners to ask questions if they have any, then they run. A lot of Gu’s have been donated to the training groups so they provide those along with Gatorade/water every few miles. They try to encourage all levels runners to come out, even if they are advanced distance runners that just want a place to run with nutrition provided. This coming Sunday the group will meet in Southwood and Jon Manry will be the guest speaker. After this Sunday Tracy has no one scheduled to speak yet officially so would love it if a board member would come out one Sunday and give a chat, so please contact Tracy if you are interested.

Social Report – Kristin Halley

Amelia Hodgson was introduced as social coordinator assistant and she is going to help Kristin out for a while. Kristin set up a movie night on April 23rd at the Southwood Pool House, where they played the Boston marathon film, Patriots Day.  Kristin also set up a trivia night at the Brass Tap on May 16th.  An event at Wakulla Springs is forthcoming.

Trail Coordinator Report –Kristin Halley for Jim Halley

Trail Blazers will have their regular Tuesday run on Monday instead this following week as they are going to partner with CCR to demo the new Alta trail shoes at Tom Brown Park.  They had a GWTC table at the Greenway Day from on April 29th, promoting the club and the trail series, many people stopped by, particularly parents looking for events for children. It was decided that more information, such as flyers for SMIRFS and the summer track series should have been presented at this event and others.

Other Items

 A Palace 5K budget and wrap up is needed, Katie can produce one if Jon Nash can’t present. Also need a marathon wrap up and a list of charity checks to go out. Race directors need to be held accountable for these wrap ups in the future.

Next Trail Power event is May 13th at Lake Henrietta to support NIMS new/old instruments.

TMH and Premier are going to donate $10,000 to Turkey Trot, CHP are only going to provide $15,000 in sponsorship this year.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.


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