for May 13, 2020, Hosted by Jim and Kristen Halley via Robert and Kory Skrob via Zoom



Voting Members: Paul Guyas, Mary Jean Yon, David Yon, Chika Okoro, John Sivyer, Jim Halley, Judy Alexander, Heather York, Robert Skrob, Mark Priddy, Tom Perkins, Tristan LaNasa(8:04pm)

Non-Voting Members: Bobby York, Tom Biance, Bill Lott, Sheryl Rosen, Zach DeVeau, Kaari Guyas

The meeting was called to order by Paul Guyas at 7:40 p.m. A quorum was established.

A motion for the approval of the April 2020 meeting minutes was made, seconded, and passed.


 Vice President Position Vacancy – Jim Halley

The Halleys’ departure from Tallahassee, Fl was announced, and a warm congratulations was wished to Jim on his opportunity in Texas. Further, Jim and Kristin were thanked for all that they have done for the GWTC. Notably, Jim’s departure leaves the GWTC vice president (VP) position open, and it was noted that protocol surrounding the vacancy is unclear. Specifically, it was highlighted that the bylaws contain only a vague paragraph related to the officer vacancy and, accordingly, suggested that the protocol be more clearly defined in the subsequent rendition of the bylaws.

 For the time being, the VP position will remain unoccupied. It was suggested that Lyssa Oberkreser, serving as the GWTC Volunteer Coordinator, could assist in finding someone to fill the board position. Further, it was noted that Mark Priddy might be interested in filling the VP position.


 Miscellaneous club business – Judy Alexander

This item was tabled for a subsequent in-person meeting.


 Education and Lecture Coordinator Vacancy –Jim Halley

The Halleys’ departure from Tallahassee also leaves Kristin’s position of Education and Lecture Coordinator vacant. For the time being, the Education and Lecture Coordinator position will remain unfilled, and, as with the VP vacancy, it was noted that Lyssa Oberkreser, as the GWTC Volunteer Coordinator, might help in finding someone to fill the board position.

 Form 990 Approval – David Yon

The GWTC’s tax Form 990 for 2019 was completed by David Yon and Peg Griffin and distributed to board members prior to the May meeting. The Form 990 requires approval from the board members before it can be filed with the Internal Revenue Service, and it was noted that the filing date for the Form 990 has already passed. To avoid late filing fines, the board was encouraged to vote on the Form 990. Prior to the vote, it was highlighted that the Form 990 inquires about whistleblower policies, which the GWTC currently does not have in place. Thus, it was suggested that the GWTC consider developing whistleblower policies in the future. Following discussion, a motion to approve the Form 990 was made, seconded, and passed with no opposition.

SMIRFs Planning – David Yon

David reported that he would like to move forward with the SMIRFs summer running program. Rather than hiring people to run the program in-person, it was suggested that the SMIRF program be kept alive via digital communication. Notably, a main goal of the SMIRFs program would be to stay consistent with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Questions about whether the program would remain virtual throughout the summer were raised. In addition, the possibility of having small groups of kids meet to run, such as groups smaller than 10 people, was also highlighted. After discussion, it was decided that David would write a more defined proposal for the SMIRFs summer running program for the June 2020 board meeting. It was highlighted that the board should come together and support whatever decision is made, and, accordingly, further discussion of the SMIRFs summer running program was tabled for the subsequent meeting.

 Two Years of Budgeting – David Yon

David provided a summary of the GWTC’s finances for the year and addressed projections moving forward. As of May 13, 2020, the club’s assets total $255,115.06, and a net loss of $21,458.31 was reported for the fiscal year ending in June 30, 2020. A summary of the club’s obligated expenses for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2020, was also distributed via email prior to the meeting. Estimated expenditures total $38,878.66 and include the following items: MiFis costs (for timing), storage warehouse costs, credit card fee, App Embarq monthly fees, insurance and membership costs, software renewal costs (for timing), annual report filing costs, virus protection costs (for laptops), QuickBook fees, holiday party costs, and annual award costs. The holiday party was estimated as the greatest cost, at $15,171.66. The holiday party venue, Shiloh Farm, was reported to involve three payments of $1,400, and it is uncertain whether the GWTC can get out of this venue contract. Collectively, the estimated expenditures suggest that the club will remain viable and able to meet its obligations even without hosting races for the rest of the year. Further, it was highlighted that races are generally net positive, meaning that the hosting of races would likely yield revenue for the GWTC.  

 Tannenbaum 6K (2019) Wrap-Up – Herb Wills

The 2019 Tannenbaum 6K wrap-up was tabled for a subsequent meeting.

 GWTC 30K / 15 K (2020) Wrap-Up – Zach DeVeau

Zach provided a wrap-up for the 2020 GWTC 30K / 15K race. Reported revenue totaled about $4,500, while reported expenses totaled about $5,500, yielding a net loss of roughly $1,000. The net loss was attributed to the cost of the venue, The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond, which the board concluded is worth the cost given the race’s historic weather conditions. Further, it was noted that in the past the race has been a part of the Grand Prix race schedule, which usually draws a larger crowd, and was not a Grand Prix race in 2020.

 Tallahassee Marathon / Half Marathon (2020) Wrap Up – Sheryl Rosen

Sheryl presented the wrap-up for the 2020 Tallahassee Marathon / Half Marathon. Reported revenue totaled just over $84,000, with race registration revenue accounting for about $74,000 and sponsorship dollars accounting for about $10,000. Grant money from Visit Tallahassee accounted for about half of the sponsorship dollars in support of bringing visitors to Tallahassee for the event. Net revenue totaled $13,510.89, all of which will go to the GWTC. Given the unusual circumstances surrounding the pandemic and ample time for planning, the budget for the 2021 Tallahassee Marathon / Half Marathon will be presented at a later date. A warm congratulations and thanks were wished to Sheryl for all her hard work on the race.

 Potluck Bash (2020) Budget / Planning – David Yon

David discussed potential plans for the 2020 Potluck Bash race. One potential idea is to design a racecourse with two start points to spread out participants. Another suggestion is to start runners in waves by seedtime to further space participants out.  Further, participants would be encouraged to not linger after finishing the race. In place of an evening race and potluck dinner, it was suggested that the race take place in the morning and that biscuits or some such snack be passed out at the finish. Another suggestion was to film portions of the race, such as the finish and a midway point, and to provide footage of the race either via Zoom or YouTube. Costs for the race are expected to be low, hopefully yielding a net revenue for the GWTC. David intends to speak to the City of Tallahassee in the near future about the possibility of hosting the 2020 Potluck Bash race and will report back.


 Membership –Mark Priddy

Mark provided insights on GWTC membership, reporting that GWTC has 1,336 members in 705 households. Last years’ May membership count included 1,801 members and 567 households. However, it was noted that the membership counts are annual rolling annual numbers and, therefore, may not accurately reflect current membership trends. In fact, it was reported that the GWTC has recently experienced a net loss in membership, losing 24 members in the last two months and gaining only two households.

Treasurer- David Yon

Please see the section entitled “Two Years of Budgeting” for the May 2020 treasurer’s report.

Chip Timing– Peg Griffin, Bill Hillison, and Bill Lott

Bill Lott provided a report of the GWTC chip timing. No races were chip timed by the GWTC during the month of April.  Of the four races originally scheduled to be chip timed that month, two were canceled and two were rescheduled for later in the year.  The last race chip timed was the Shamrock Scurry 5K/1Mile on March 7, 2020. For the month of May, all four races scheduled to be chip time have either been canceled (three races) or gone virtual (one race). Looking ahead to the month of June, one race has been canceled, but three races are still scheduled to be held and chip timed as of this report. 

Equipment – Tec Thomas

No report.

Newsletter – Robert and Kory Skrob

Robert shared that there was nothing new to report for the newsletter and that submissions of new ideas are welcome.

Race Director – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean reported that the race directors held a virtual meeting on Monday, May 11, 2020, during which race directors were encouraged to be creative and cautious when preparing for upcoming races. One idea that surfaced during the race directors’ meeting is related to the Summer Trail Series, which is directed by Bobby York. Accordingly, Bobby York shared thoughts on the possibility of hosting a virtual Summer Trail Series.

Rather than hosting the usual four trail races, it was suggested that three virtual summer trail races be offered. For each race, a course would be specified, and a map of the course would be posted for participants to run during a two-week period. Races could take place the first two weeks of June, first two weeks of July, and first two weeks of August, respectfully. Participants could run the course as many times as they like and upload their race times to RunSignUp. These times could be shared throughout the two-week period or released after the two-week racing period, depending on competition concerns. Bobby noted that weekly runs could be offered to lead small groups of runners on the trails as well. The goal would be to open up registration for the first trail series race by the beginning of June.

Further discussion on the potential virtual trail series involved costs and insurance. To save costs, it was suggested that T-shirts be ordered after the Trail Series is completed, allowing Bobby to order the exact number of shirts in the sizes needed. Further, the possibility of a cookout after the August race was discussed, and it was determined that the potential for the cookout, especially related to CDC guidance on social gatherings, should be addressed closer to the August race. Consistent with prior years, one race fee would be offered for all three virtual races, and the fee would be set as low as possible to encourage participation and still cover costs.  If a physical, in-person race can be held by August, then real and virtual race options could be offered to participants. The in-person race option would be offered with a separate fee to cover the added costs of a physical race. Awards would not be offered to reduce race costs as well.

Discussion of liabilities and waivers related to the virtual trail series then took place. The question of how the liability associated with these virtual races would vary from that associated with the GWTC training groups was posed. Further, differences in the liabilities and insurance for a one-day race and those of a two-week period of trail racing were discussed. Ultimately, it was suggested that the virtual Trail Series be submitted to the RRCA. If the RRCA approves the series, then the GWTC will move forward with the series, and if not approved, new ideas will be suggested for the 2020 Trail Series. Collectively, these discussions led to the following motion: The GWTC will endorse the revised virtual trail series with the prescribed routes for the participants to run during the set race window, subject to compliance with the CDC regulations and RRCA approval. The motion also advises that T-shirts be ordered following the Trail Series and that the race director sets the race registration price.  The aforementioned motion was seconded and passed with one opposition. Bobby and David offered to reach out to the RRCA about the Trail Series, and Paul and Jim offered to help with incorporating Strava in the virtual race design.

Following the discussion of the virtual Trail Series idea, Mary Jean completed the race director report. It was reported that plans for the 2020 Breakfast on the Track race and 2020 Miller Landing Madness race are still being discussed. Creativity in both virtual and in-person racing was encouraged, and the importance of supporting the race directors was underscored.

After the race director report, the possibility of surveying the GWTC members was also discussed. Specifically, an article in which the New York City Road Runners teamed up with the RRCA to survey members about racing was referenced as inspiration for the club to issue its own survey. Questions used in the initial survey were said to run the gamut, covering mask wearing, social distancing, food and beverage offerings, and awards. It was suggested that the GWTC could adopt similar questions for a survey to gather information on members’ sentiment towards returning to in-person races. Further, it was suggested that the survey be issued now and then re-issued in the future, perhaps three months from now, to assess change in members’ sentiment towards in-person races. 

Trail Coordinator –Jim Halley

Jim reported that the trails are still open but not for large groups. In addition, it was highlighted that the position of Trail Coordinator will be vacant upon the Halleys’ departure and will need to be filled. 

Chenoweth Fund – David Yon

David reported that the Chenoweth Committee has not seen much action with schools operating remotely.

Training Groups – Thomas Biance

Thomas reported that not much is happening with training groups for the time being and that he is still looking for someone to take over the training groups.

Triathlete Club- John Sivyer

John provided a report on the Triathlete Club, sharing that a number of virtual Ironman races, duathlons (with runs and bike rides), are currently being offered. Information for these races can be found on the Ironman website. The runs and rides can take place indoors or outdoors, and this upcoming weekend’s race includes a 1.5K run, 20K bike ride, and 5K run. In addition, a competition between the Gainesville Triathlete Club and Gulf Winds Triathlete Club is set to take place this weekend and has been opened up to the running club as well. Triathletes have the option of both running and biking, only running, and only biking. In addition, Paul Guyas will be hosting a Zwift bike ride this upcoming weekend, which involves a virtual bike ride on a trainer. Anyone is welcome to join the Zwift bike ride, and further information about the ride can be found on Facebook. Lastly, it was reported that the next Triathlete Club meeting is slated to take place virtually at 7:30 pm on May 18th with core diet experts coming to speak to the group. All are welcome and encouraged to attend this upcoming Triathlete Club meeting.

Website – David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Youth Council – Kaari Guyas

Nothing new to report.

Merchandise –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

Nothing new to report.

Education and Lecture – Chris Stanley

Nothing to report.

Social – Vicky Droze

No report. However, it was suggested that the GWTC could reach out to coaches, athletes, and the like to speak virtually to club members. 

Volunteers – Lyssa Oberkreser

No report.


 A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:24 P.M.

 Alyssa Moore, Secretary


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