Pine Run at Tall Timbers 20K

The Pine Run is a one-of-kind race. Run at Tall Timbers Research Station, the 20K (12.4 mile) trail race is in a gorgeous forest that runners have access to only once a year—at the Pine Run. The challenging course is on undulating grassy trails and double track jeep roads that meander through beautiful piney uplands and the Lake Iamonia bottomland. There are tough hills, but you’ll be rewarded for your climb with stunning views of butterfly covered wildflowers, sunrise over the lake, and miles of pristine pine forests, and when you hit the finish line near the historic Beadel House, you will have lifetime bragging rights as a PINE RUN FINISHER.   

The Pine Run at Tall Timbers is possible because of a longstanding and strong partnership between Gulf Winds Track Club (GWTC) and Tall Timbers. The research station’s mission is to foster exemplary land stewardship—through research, conservation, and education—to preserve the distinctive rural landscape of South Georgia and North Florida and its traditional land uses. It therefore is an active research forest in which best practices for land stewardship are studied, developed, and applied to other critical conservation lands in Florida and the Southeast.

The Pine Run always takes place in early October, just as summer is ending and when the flowers are often at near-peak bloom. Runners are always encouraged to stick around for a bit after the race to enjoy Bill McGuire’s musical entertainment and soak up every bit of the location’s beauty and peace, knowing their next chance won’t come until next year’s Pine Run.

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Some Pine Run History

From 1977 to 2006, the Pine Run took place in a southern Georgia experimental forest known as Southlands, which was located just outside of Bainbridge. The race was first organized in 1977 by Dave Stetson of the Troy (Alabama) Running Club. Jim Stephens, GWTC President, was there to help as well. That property was owned and managed by International Paper (IP), which sold the forest in 2007, seemingly marking the end of the Pine Run. However, a conversation at a Florida State University football game between David Yon of GWTC and Neil Fleckenstein of Tall Timbers revived the Pine Run with the new location at Tall Timbers. The Pine Run has been there since 2008 and has been directed by Jennifer and Carter Hay since 2021. Previous Pine Run at Tall Timbers race directors were Gordon Cherr (2008-2012), Chuck and Jana Davis (2013-2014), and Peg and Gary Griffin (2015-2020).