Pine Run at Tall Timbers 20K

Pine Run’s “new” home at Tall Timbers Research Station has worked out great! It now has the perfect race directors in Gary and Peg Griffin who took over in 2015. The Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the distinctive, rural landscape of South Georgia and North Florida and its traditional land uses not just in Tall Timbers, but by developing good land conservation practices for all to use. The course through this rugged property is tough, but beautiful. This is especially true when the flowers bloom. From 1977-2006, the South Georgia experimental forest known as Southlands and located just outside of Bainbridge was home for this race.

The property was managed by International Paper (IP). But alas, good things must pass and the forest went up for sale and the race appeared to die in 2007. But it came roaring back to life in 2008 under the direction of Gordon Cherr. One of the race’s biggest crowds responded to Gordon’s rescue effort at a brand new location – Tall Timbers. In spite of the tough, memorable hills on this off-road course, Tall Timbers was a big hit and the crowds returned in 2009. Was it any surprise then that the crowds overwhelmed all with a record turnout in 2010 of 243 finishers, most of the participants muttering more than a few curse words at Mr. Cherr for his hilly course design. Of course all they accomplished was to make him smile. 

Bill McGuire keeps the post-race tradition of music, a picnic and fun going by playing music after the race to make sure finishers have a little “lift” in their step, despite the challenging course. The race was first organized for IP in 1977 by Dave Stetson of the Troy Running Club, Troy, Alabama. Jim Stephens, GWTC President, was there to help as well.