A View From the Top


 Gordon Cherr,


He has come early by 3 months. He weighs less than 2 pounds. He is fighting for his life, I can’t even imagine what kind of life it will be, that is of little priority right now. Fight, baby, fight.

Our second grandchild, the first grandson. I’m fighting for you with all my might, little baby. I don’t know you and I already love you. We’ll be there in Miami tomorrow for you, wait for us. Please wait for me. I will gladly carry your burden. Here, give it to me.

God, take me instead. It is a good trade, I promise you, if you have to take someone at all. I am begging you. In front of everybody.

When you are on your run tomorrow, will you say a prayer for little baby Chiam?

“Chiam”. It means “life”.

Thank you. ********************************************************************************

6:30 AM, December 21, 2006.

The telephone call we all dread came from Corey at 3:42 this morning. We did not get to Miami in time. There was no time. What is time? He had no time. I never got to see you, meet you, tickle you, hug you, talk to you, look into your little baby eyes, make you smile and laugh. We had so much to do and so much to say to each other. We had no time.

I do not understand my life. Who understands his/her life? Is there something to understand? Are we just floating like a feather on a breeze with no control, like Forrest Gump hypothecates? Is it more like what Jody Foster says, in Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”, that the only thing that makes life worthwhile is that we have each other. Yes, that must be it. That has to be it. I can’t go on any other way.

I’m giving you a job to do, right now. Don’t lose time, you may not have time. Go find your children right now and look into their eyes and tell them that you love them. I don’t care if they are 5 or 50. Just do it.

We are going to Miami to tell Corey and his Aisha, that we love them. For that there is still time.

Chiam, we love you too.