Cleveland-Caldwell Advancement of the Sport 2000 David Yon

Presented by Karl Hempel

When I decided to write this award presentation, I couldn’t remember what award this individual was getting.  Mackie and I were going through the various awards categories and I realized he qualified for almost all of them.  Could it be the Community Award?  Or the race director award?  What about Hall of Fame or the Runner of the year?  Oh yeah, he won the marathon in 2001.  I had to lookup an old e-mail to realize it was for advancement of the sport. 

This award is given in recognition for advancement of the sport of running whether through research, education or other areas of expertise.

Well he certainly qualifies for this award.  This member has taking time from his busy practice of law to do about anything and everything to promote running and the GWTC.  For example:

  1. Serving as president, which in itself is a challenging, and time consuming chore.  Needless to say he met the challenge and has played a major part in producing what many of us feel is one of the best track clubs in the country.
  2. Directs the Turkey Trot along with Mary Jean.
  3. Coaching Belleview Middle school cross country.  For a while I thought he might quit his law practice and coach full time.  He also is frequently seen at the High school cross-country meets.
  4. Has been very active in supporting and promoting the Chenowith fund.  Directs the fundraiser at Forest Meadows.
  5. Writing columns for website.  The Catbird’s seat has always been creative and entertaining.  I particularly enjoyed the column about “This Bud’s for you.”
  6. Getting results of races in a timely fashion.  He spent numerous hours compiling results.
  7. Olympics:  Staying up to 3 a.m. writing columns about the Olympics.
  8. He has probably donated more hours than anybody (except his beautiful wife M.J who deserves part of this award.)
  9. You might ask how could he be such a successful high-powered lawyer and accomplish this?  Hint-look at the time on some of his e-mails. He needs no sleep. I suspect he is an alien.
  10. I had better stop here.  If I continue with praises, his may think he is invincible and try and talk me into skiing the quadruple black diamond where a parachute is the most important peace of equipment.

 I am proud and honored to present this award to my good buddy, David Yon.