2000 Female Runner of the Year Fran McLean

Presented by Nick Yonclas

Your Female Runner of the Year is, to borrow a phrase, “an athlete extraordinaire in her own right”.

She is not only a gifted runner, but she also excels at soccer, roller-blading and biking, and she would excel at any sport or task she put her mind to, most recently swimming.

 Her “day job” is in the tedious, structured world of title searches, taking a piece of real property and tracing its history through various and sundry owners over a period of time.

After work  she is, to borrow another phrase, “off the grid.”  That is where her running performances were this past year.

This lady finished in third place overall in the Open Division of the Grand Prix, and she finished in first place in her age group.  Perhaps more impressive, she was the female overall winner of the Summer Grand Prix. 

She had four overall wins this past year; Ten Masters wins; and four second place Masters finishes.  She ran an impressive 5:46 at the GWC Track Mile, posted a year best 42:59 10K time at Azalea Trail and ran a year best 19:57 5K time at the Forest Festival. 

She is most unassuming, and for some races, she will run in the back of the pack.  But when she puts on her game face, watch out, for then she unleashes a tenacious drive and fierce determination that propel her to the finish line ahead of most of her competitors. 

That drive and determination are not limited to running.  This lady decides to take up roller-blading one year, and next thing you know, she is entered in a 38-mile roller blading race from Athens, GA to Atlanta.  She does not do that just once, which is in the rain by the way, but she goes back and does it a second time this year. 

She works equally hard at the volunteer aspects of our Club.  She has served twice as a GWTC Board Member and she is just completing a three-year term on the Grand Prix Committee.  And, she was at mile four last week passing out water to those of us doing the half marathon and marathon. 

She is a tribute to our Club, both athletically and personally, one of many shining lights.  Your year 2000 Female Runner of the Year is FRAN MCLEAN.