2000 Male Runner of the Year Greg Waddell

Presented by Ronnie Godwin

 This year I have the honor of presenting the Male Runner of the Year.  From the short time that I have been a member of Gulf Winds I have always admired the elite list of past recipients of this prestigious award.  As I fumbled through old Fleet Foots reading past presentations, I even became more in awe of those that have chosen, and am indeed proud to get the chance to bestow it on one of our fellow runners.

 This year’s recipient has truly put in the dedication and hard work to deserve such a compliment.  He began his 2000 running year by setting PR goals from the mile up through the 10K.   Dedicated weekly track sessions, mostly solo during the wee hours of the morning on work days, and juggling being a dedicated father and business man provide further support for his nomination for this award.  He also took the time from this hectic schedule to assist in local road races, and preside over a local running club. 

PR’s:  This year’s winner took his 1mile time down from 4:58 in 1999 to 4:54 this year.

His 5K time went from a 17:40 at the Sickle Cell race to an amazing Reservation Run PR smashing time of 16:49.  His 10K PR went from a 36:59 at Rose City to a blistering 35:13 at the Fall Classic, and then he finished the season with a 15K PR at Turkey Trot of 54:50 and a 59:13 Ten Mile Challenge PR.  He also finished seventh in the open GP standings and second in the 30-34 age group. 

   I am particularly honored to have the opportunity to present this award.  This year’s winner and I have logged thousands of miles together over the last 4-5 years.  He challenged me to do a ½ Ironman race on three months training, then followed that crazy idea up with a full Ironman race in 1999, thus giving me the tri bug!    I have truly admired the dedication that he has shown this year in reaching for those challenging PR goals and then taking care of them come race day!  It is therefore my pleasure to present the 2000 Male Runner of the Year Award to my closest friend, 1st cousin, and too-fast-for-me-anymore training partner, GREG WADDELL.