2001 Male Runner of the Year

By Fran McLean

Male runner of the year , I shall present.
Through the ranks in “01,” he has made quite an ascent.
He may be surprised to discover that,
His efforts have been very well spent.

Though in the open top 5 he did not finish.
Let not that fact – his performance diminish.
At the top of his age group, he does appear.
In fact – not another runner is even near.

Consistency and wisdom in pacing.
Was a key to his success in racing.
He graces our club with fine sportsmanship,
Yet still, he leaves his competitors chasing.

Lest you think he is just a runner, fast….
He has served the club well in the past.
A member of the board back when,
He has stuck around through thick and thin.

In service still, he remains persistent.
Lending support in word and deed.
His attendance at club functions – so consistent,
Available in any time of need.

A regular at the summer track meet.
From sprint to 5K , he does compete
Yet making it a family affair.
For a certain youngster – he is always- there.

Though traditional races he does run.
He’s not opposed to a bit of fun.
For this non-club race , he will take a gamble.
As a race committee member of the Wild Mountain Scramble

At this point – I’ll take some time,
And deviate away from rhyme.
A few minutes for some facts to state.
For the winner’s name, you’ll have to wait.

Of the unprecedented and grueling schedule of 15 races which were forced onto the GP circuit by the
unreasonable GP committees of years past, this member managed to run 12 of them, a feat in and of
itself. He skipped the first race, the tallahasse marathon, but ever consistent , he ran the next twelve in a
row, earning enough points to make the final two races optional. He did this by grabbing six first place
finishes and six second place finishes in his GP age group. This enabled him to end the year with over 200
grand prix points – outdistancing the 2nd place finisher by more than 50 points. In addition this member
managed to fit in 6 other races, again showing his tenacity by finishing in the top 3 of his age group in each
of them.

Along with racing on the road , our 2001 winner was a regular at the summer track meets – running 6 of 8
Events and ending the summer with a second place summer track grand prix finish. A little past history.: I only had ten years of fleet foots to look through, but it was evidence enough of what a solid runner and club member, our male runner of the year has been. In the past 10 years he has finished the Grand Prix circuit in third place twice, in second place once and in first place FIVE times in his grand prix age group.

He was also elected to and served on the GWTC board of directors for 3 years. But this member’s service
does not stop there. He can be seen at most all club functions and races, ready to lend a hand and support the club in any way possible. His conduct and attitude should be an inspiration to us all. Ever positive, he is gracious both in victory and defeat – always offering warm greetings and encouragement to his fellow age group competitors , as well as club members and other participants, whether they are newcomers or veterans, young or old.

Thank you to the 2001 Grand Prix committee for recognizing this member as our male runner of the year. This runner is not only admired and respected as a contributor to the club and the sport, but appears to
have applied the same dedication and commitment we see in him as a member of GWTC to his
responsibilities as a husband, father and grandfather. This has truly been a wise selection.

The Male runner of the year is the heart,
Of the Aenon Church road running crowd.
He is a special person and longtime friend,
Of you – Clint Watkins – we are proud.