By Lisa Unger



The Grand Prix committee will soon begin to develop the 2005 Grand Prix Schedule. Gulf Winds Track Club takes great pride in its Grand Prix series and therefore will require all races on the schedule to be of the highest quality possible. In order to ensure that the Grand Prix races meet the club’s desired level of organization, a list of Guidelines has been developed. Race Directors should review this list to determine if their race meets these qualifications. Race Directors interested in having their race included as a Grand Prix race in 2005 should contact one of the committee members: Paul Ahnberg, David Yon, Jeanne O’Kon, Jo Lena Pace and Lisa Unger.

Grand Prix Race Qualification Guidelines

1. Maintain appropriate liability insurance for the race. Such insurance shall provide coverage in an amount of at least $500,000;

2. Provide evidence that the course will be accurately measured and certified in accordance with USATF guidelines unless the course is an off road course or there are special circumstances that warrant a waiver of this requirement by GWTC. The Grand Prix Committee may accept an application if the certification is pending and the committee has reason to believe the course was properly measured;

3. Provide a copy of the Race Flier for distribution (and web page) to the GWTC Race Director Coordinator and a copy to at least 45 days before the race date. The flier should contain, at a minimum, the date, time and location of the race, as well as a contact person.

4. Obtain a signed waiver that complies with the example provided by GWTC (no variance) from each race participant;

5. Offer a “No T-shirt option” for a reduced entry fee;

6. Demonstrate that there is a system for accurately recording the time, age and order of finish for all race participants.

7. Assure there is a method for accurately identifying runners, either by race number or other method;

8. Provide at least one water stop for each 5K of distance;

9. Clearly identify mile or kilometer marks and to the extent possible provide splits at those marks;

10. Document “standard” five-year age group results for purposes of Grand Prix recognition by GWTC; such as 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. to age 74 and

11. Compile race results as soon as possible for the Gulf Winds Track Club official designated prior to the race, preferably on race day or next day. If possible the results should be prepared in Excel and a copy sent to