In February The Prez Says


By Felton Wright, 

For Only $1.66 per month.

As the New Year approached I received a marketing email from a local gym saying that for a low monthly fee I could get fit and meet all my New Year resolutions. This made me think about the relative value of a GWTC membership.

The price of a GWTC membership has not changed since 2003. For only $20 a year, or $1.66 per month, we receive a discount on 16 club races, a discount on running shoes from several local merchants and, a terrific monthly newsletter in either print or electronic version. More importantly, we get to run with many great individuals, receive information on training groups around town and updates on most races held within a 50 mile radius of Tallahassee. We also have the opportunity to join a beginning running class or join the trailblazers group for off road running. There are at least 3 different interval groups to train with. We have the opportunity to attend a free running lecture series and numerous GWTC socials.. Most critical, our membership allows any Grand Prix points we may earn to count. I am very proud that GWTC can provide so much for only $1.66 per month.

If you have not yet renewed your 2013 membership please do so! It is also a great gift to give a non GWTC member.

February is marathon month and brings both extremes of what GWTC has to offer for this $1.66.
On February 3, Nancy Stedman and Jay Silvanima will again put on our Marathon and Half Marathon. This has become one of our premiere events. However it is one of our more difficult races to direct logistically. If you are not racing, I would urge you to consider visiting the expo or listening to the guest speakers, as well as volunteering.

If a flat smooth marathon with expos, cash awards, large crowds, and lots of port-a-lets is not your preferred race, there is another option. Dana Stetson’s February 24th production of Mike the Dog 8.73 mile, 17.46 mile, and 26.2 mile Trail Marathon promises to be the other extreme.

See you at the races!