Aging Up


 GWTC President Felton Wright

Last month I mentioned how the average age of our club was getting younger. This month I was repeatedly reminded of the incredible dedicated and talented senior members of our club. Whether competing or volunteering, they accomplish a great deal for GWTC. They are an inspiration.

The month started with Charlie Yates a long term GWTC board member and our race director coordinator, hosting the February GWTC board meeting. He did this on his 88th birthday. The rest of the month produced many more examples. A year ago at the Flash 12k, Margaret Deckert competed in her 1000th race. Since then she has run over 20 races. At 78 years old, our most recent Hall of fame member Bob Keller is busy training for the 2013 world triathlon championships later this year in London (when he is not busy helping promoting the Senior Games in Tallahassee). One of our most experienced ultra runners, Gary Griffin has already competed in a marathon, and 3 50ks all in the last 3 months. I had the honor of attending finish line volunteer specialist, Ray Hanlon’s 70th birthday. I can’t imagine how many finish line cards he has passed out or how many more he intends to hand out.

And last, in case you missed it on ESPN’s Sports center, Dr Karl Hempel last month won the OVERALL title in the Break a Leg 5k at age 61! Is this a great club to age up in or what?

To me the end of winter is always marked by the Springtime 10k. Over the years, I have run in tights the week of Springtime, but never after Springtime. Hopefully as you read this, you can pack up your tights, running gloves and hats and enjoy Tallahassee spring running and racing.

Run fast, run safe.