It is an Economic Engine

Felton Wright,

As I think about it, I think Gulf Winds Track Club has become our own local economic stimulus plan. For the year 2013 there were 214 running/walking/multisport events listed on our website. Think about what that means locally. How many port-a lets were rented? How many T-shirts did we collectively purchase? How many pairs of running shoes were purchased here to compete? How much was paid to the city for permits, how much overtime was paid to our police? Since not all of these competitors were locals, I am sure we filled a number of hotel rooms, and restaurant tables. I know extra “beverages” were purchased to be enjoyed after many of these events.

Then there is the benefit to our health care community. Massage therapist, chiropractors, physical therapist and physicians, all benefitted as more visits were required to prevent or treat running injuries inflicted preparing for these events. Aside from our individual expenditures, through our races we generated contributions to charities. A significant amount of money was both raised as revenue to be spent to support of non-profits who support various public needs as well as our support of commercial enterprise by our purchases in support of our training.

In 2013 GWTC owned equipment was rented to 114 of these races. Our chip timing system was used in 28 races in 2013. The revenue from these activities allows the club to support other GWTC activities. What is not measured is how many volunteers’ hours we committed as a club for our races as well as community events. Yes, we have physical engine that allows us the pleasure of running, but we also have an economic engine.

For 2014 we welcome some new board members: Michael Burns, Amanda Hudson, and Jenifer Kilinski. I am also glad to announce that Vicky Droze is taking over as equipment manager with assistance from Tim Unger. Finally, Eric Godin has agreed to serve as our social chair,. Thank you!
For all of us that run on the Overstreet Property at Maclay Gardens, remember to have a current park pass or an entry receipt when you run there. The State Park has turned the enforcement over to FWC and the FWC intends to increase enforcement. The fine for not having a pass is $80. This is not the economic stimulus GWTC needs to produce.

Last of all don’t forget to renew your GWTC membership. Most memberships expired on 12/31/2013..

Run safe, run fast.