Race Directors Needed

Felton Wright,

A race grows when a race director with a passion takes it over. Then when it is time to pass it on, he or she steps aside so a new director can take over. This process produces a never-ending stream of fresh and enthusiastic directors continually improving on what their predecessors have done. We have a long tradition of growth and improvement with GWTC races. For example the Tallahassee Marathon has had at least 17 different directors in its 40 year history.

At this time the club has a big opening. Jay Silvanima and Nancy Stedman are stepping down in 2016 after 8 years of directing and growing the Tallahassee marathon. Nancy and Jay have taken the Marathon from a total of 337 finishers in 2007 to 1050 in 2014. We are looking for an individual, or 2 or more people, who will undertake directing this classic GWTC race in 2016. The new director(s) will have the ability to shadow Jay and Nancy in 2015 and take over in 2016.
There is a tremendous support system for this race. In 2014 there were 9 different coordinators for various aspects of the marathon and approximately 250 volunteers. Whoever decides to take this on will have the great GWTC volunteers supporting them.

The Tallahassee marathon has become a showplace for what a small to mid size marathon should be: enthusiastic volunteers, a well-marked course and great traffic control. Who wants to take this to the next level? If you have ever considered directing an event, please think about it. If you have a suggestion as to who would be a good director let me know. If you are interested in discussing any portion of directing please contact me. We need help!

This never-ending stream of fresh and enthusiastic directors continues with our next two club races: New Springtime 10k/5k race directors, Sean and Amanda Hudson, make their race director debut on March 29th. It should be a special occasion. The new Cascades park trail adjacent to the finish should be open by then and if you are warming down afterwards on the new park trail, take a look at the new GWTC 1/2 mile markers that should be installed by race time.
Mike Burns helped increase participation by 200 runners last year in his inaugural race director role for the Palace Saloon 5k. With a one year of experience behind him, he is already making the race more colorful. Check out the T-shirt and best team costume options for the Palace 5k.

It is exciting to see the new enthusiasm in the upcoming club races. Please thank the directors and volunteers. And don’t be afraid to take on the challenge.

Run safe, run fast. Direct a Race