The Prez Says – October Report

 Felton Wright,

Over the last couple of months, it seems a large number of club members have announced engagements. (Obviously this is another benefit of club membership.) I think it is only appropriate to elaborate on a long time theory of an old club member. In any new serious relationship, the women get faster, while the men get slower. When a child is born, the men get slower, and the women come back faster. In the event of a separation or divorce, the men get faster, and the women slower. There is over 30 years of club data that supports this. So, Katie, Tracy, and Heather, we expect to see PRs from you ladies. Zach, Eric and Bobby, sorry, but we will probably see your names further down the results lists. Congratulations to all!

With all this club romance in the air, GWTC in the near future will have its first club race in many years directed by a pregnant race director. (Don’t faint Gary Griffin, it is not Peg.)

Beth Alexander has agreed to serve as the club’s new training coordinator. Thank you! If you have a training group that meets on a regular basis, send the information to Beth Alexander. We hope to soon have a more complete listing of all the training groups and locations in town.

Please put October 6th, on your calendar. It is the 2014 club’s annual business meeting. It will take place at 6:30 p.m. at Mo Mo’s Pizza in Market Square. Please come and bring your questions and suggestions to the club’s officers and board members. (Oh yeah, enjoy a beverage and pizza also.) Also come meet some of the candidates for the 2015 board. The election of 2015 club officers and board members is about to begin. At this time we are still accepting nominations and look forward to posting a great slate of candidates. Please vote!

Run safe, run fast!