2014 GWTC Hall of Fame Inductee

Presented by Felton Wright

This year’s Hall of Fame winner first had their name show up in GWTC results seventeen years ago in 1997.  This individual has run in every GWTC race from the Breakfast on the track Mile to the Ultra in very respectable times. When I searched on my computer for GWTC and this year’s Hall of Fame winner, my computer almost locked up from the overload of results, articles and information.

The GWTC Hall of fame award is given to those “individuals who have brought respect to the GWTC Track Club through their contributions, activities and running accomplishments, and who have played a major role in shaping the ideals of the club.”   The induction to the Hall of Fame is our most prestigious award. It’s a tough decision for the Grand Prix committee.  Membership in the Hall of Fame is about more than just running accomplishment 

How do we select such a person? Humor me.   If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, please stand and remain standing.

Who has ever served on our board?
Who has served as an officer of our club?
Who has served on any of our GWTC committees?
Who has directed a race?
Who has worked a race? 

As you can see by the number of people standing, the majority of GWTC members are active and meet some of the Hall of Fame requirements. Tony (incoming President), you need to find a job for anyone still sitting.

Now, let’s refine the questions.  Please stand only if you can answer yes to all of the following questions:
Did you send in two or more nominations for tonight’s awards?

Have you volunteered at the Springtime training group, beginning running group, and trailblazer group all in the same year?
Have you volunteered at more than 30 different races? 
Have you previously won the Advancement of the Sport award?  (No fair looking at the program!)
Did you direct the 10 Mile Challenge race and complicate it by adding a 5 mile event?
Have you directed the Springtime 10k and were you responsible for increasing participation by adding a 5k to it?
Have you coached track at both Florida High and North Florida Christian schools?
Did you first win a seat on the GWTC board in 2008? If so, did you then proceed to serve as GWTC president in 2009, 20010, 2011, and 2012?  
Did you serve more years as President of GWTC than any other person?

There is only one person that can answer yes to all of the questions above.  Will she please remain standing? As you can tell, Judy Alexander has been instrumental in shaping our club. She has been a nonstop promoter of GWTC. Despite having moved over 1000 miles away, for the last 2 years she was instrumental in sending emails with advice and suggestions to help reduce some of the less than intelligent decisions last year’s GWTC President made.  Under her Presidency, and tireless promotion, membership in GWTC grew from 1116 in December 2008 to 1735 in December 2011.
Many times I have seen Judy help last minute frantic non GWTC race directors who were putting on races, but were clueless.  In effect, she frequently became a behind the scenes race director for these races. Because of this, I heard her receive one of the highest compliments possible for a volunteer.  These same frantic race directors frequently stated that “Judy was requested by Bill Lott.”

I mentioned that the GP committee often debates extensively over the Hall of Fame selection.  Not this year.  It was an easy choice.  

It is my pleasure to welcome Judy Alexander to the GWTC Hall of Fame. Please join me in congratulating our 2014 Hall of Fame inductee.