Presented by Heather Vickers
January 8, 2023

Thank you to all of our race directors. We couldn’t have a club without each of you. Our race director of the year this year is an active member of our club. He and his family are all active members of the club. He’s also become increasingly involved with our board during the last year or so, which is very exciting. So we’re always excited to have some new members on our board and participating in our board meetings. He also stepped up to take over the Salute to Steve Prefontaine 5K this year, which is a very long-standing race for our club. It has a long history going back to 1976, and we’ve had a few race directors over the years. Our Race Director of the Year this year stepped up and met the challenge, took on the responsibility of moving the race location and involving a new partner with the Boy Scouts, and is getting those young people involved in a race. This race director is a new member of the board of directors in addition to his responsibilities as a race director. Our race director of the year is Allen Blay.