Halloween is trick or treat time and time for the Boston Mini-Marathon. The folks in Boston make this race a real treat. The entire town shut down for the 20th annual Boston Mini-Marathon of Festival Oct. 30. The race was center stage and Jimmy and Betty Hoskins did a superb job overseeing everything. More than 200 people took off in the 60 degree temperatures headed out a gorgeous country road for six and half miles before turning around and returning to the center of town. The route back is a bit more uphill and there is an extra tenth at the end, so runners better know how to pace themselves or they will get a hard lesson about the trick part of this Halloween celebration.

Corey Cherr played the role of trickster during the race relying on a monster finish to edge past Aaron Robinson in the last few yards for the win. Last year Corey set a blistering pace early and paid for it during the last three miles. This year he laid back, probably as far back as fifth or sixth place at the turn around. Aaron Robinson had a huge lead as he turned the corner. He was able to hold on to second place, but Corey found another gear as he ran back several minutes faster on the way back than he did going out, finishing in 1:18:22. Third place went to Chabib Lahay who ran just over 1:19. Gordon Hillenger won the masters competition with a 1:21:59. Bainbridge runner Gary Cato had a huge PR, breaking 1:30 for the first time to win the 40-45 age group.

The women’s race belonged to Julie Carico who finished a little over 1:35. Judy Chin was second with a 1:39 to finish ahead of third place finisher Janet Kelly. Celeste Quinn was the masters winner at 1:44.

The Achilles Track Club was out in force with four members participating. Phil Yon wheeled his way to a 1:33 finish to lead the group.

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