All Big Bend Tallahassee Democrat 2001 Cross Country Team

Coach of the Year     Gary Droze          Maclay        Led Maclay girls to state championships for
                                                        4th time. Also led boys team to 1A champ.
Runner of the Year    Zita Magloire       Chiles        District Champion, Regional Champ, 17:55 best
Girls First Team      Christy Forsyth     Godby         3A State finalist as freshman,
                                                        Her best was a Godby school record 19:32,
                                                        she was first state qualifier for girls team ever.
                      Allie Hunter        Lincoln       18:25 best and 3A state finalist
                      Kara Newell         Maclay        18:03 3M, 2nd State Class A.
                                                        Signed with Boston University.
                      Adriana Piekarewicz Maclay        State Finalist, 19:34, Freshman
                      Kristine Isom       Chiles        19:32, State 2A finalist
                      Sheryl Rosen        Marianna      19:31, 13th State 2A meet
Second Team           Karla Savery        Chiles
                      Molly Drake         Maclay
                      LaSaunta Arnold     Rickards
                      Jennifer Emo        Maclay
                      Jenna Williams      Lincoln
                      Betsy McQueen       Maclay
                      Katie Schwartz      Rickards
Honorable Mention     Layne Maifarth      Chiles
                      Meredith Pederson   Chiles
                      Ami Pla             Florida High
                      Laura Davis         Leon
                      Laura Bryan         Maclay
                      Lara Hawkes         Maclay
                      Laura Ostrov        Maclay
                      Holly Schwartz      Maclay
                      MC Willis           Maclay
Coach of the Year     Scott Gowan         Chiles        Led Boys to 3rd place 2A state finals.
                                                        Girls team placed 11th in state.
Runner of the Year    Ryan Deak           Maclay        15:06 5K, State Runner up 1A.
                                                        City, District and Regional Champ,
Boys First Team       Ryan Deak           Maclay        15:06 5K, State Runner up 1A.
                                                        City, District and Regional Champ,
                      Alex Miletich       Chiles        15:39 3Mile, 14th 2A state finals
                      Herbie Thiele       Chiles        15:11 3Mile, Third 2A state final
                      Scott Poindexter    Lincoln       16:00 3Mile
                      Ross McMillan       Maclay        16:10 3Mile
                      Caleb Carmichael    Florida High  16:12 3Mile, 1A,
                                                        Region Champ, 7th 1A state
                      Gallagher Dempsey   Leon          15:54 3M, 26th 3A state
Boys Second Team
                      Stephan Smith       Chiles
                      Josh Hollingsworth  Maclay
                      Stephen Andrews     Chiles
                      Kyle Savery         Chiles
                      Colby Clayton       Maclay
                      Brandon Harris      Maclay
                      Hunter Cook         Chiles
Honorable Mention
                      James Benedict      Chiles
                      Ryan Obernier       Chiles
                      Bryon Todd          Chiles
                      Joel Williams       Chiles
                      Kyle Pla            Florida High
                      Daniel Horton       Lincoln
                      Daniel Pitts        Lincoln
                      Alex Brickler       Maclay
                      Brennon Clayton     Maclay
                      Benn Harrell        Maclay
                      George Moye         Rickards