Alternative means of travel

By Fred Deckert


It’s the political season, so I’ll dip my running toe into unfamiliar waters and try to merge running and politics. Gregg Patterson, runner and political activist has informed us that an extensive, I could even say staggering wish list of trails and greenways have been incorporated into Blueprint 2000 which has been approved by the city and county commisions. These plans have apparently been linked to the proposed sales tax extension. We will make no attempt to go pro or con on that proposal, but runners, and of course all citizens could profit by checking this following website for more information on Blueprint2000.

The message I’d like to promote is the same whichever way your vote goes. That is to contact your officials and let them know what you want. Everyone I talk to would like more pedestrian/runner/bike paths around Tallahassee. My personal dream would be a Capital Circle bikepath or close facsimile thereof. However nothing like this will ever happen unless the footsoldiers in the community make as much noise as the automobile users. I don’t think there has to be an exclusion of either party. But you must make your wishes known, you can be sure the opposing viewpoints will make their wishes clear.

It’s not just the squeaky wheel on the bicycle that gets the oil. Many of you know of splendid bikeways and trails around Tallahassee, some are listed on the Gulf Winds T.C. Website below. Several of the more prominent are the Miccosukee Canopy Greenway Trail and the St. Marks Trail. But, many of those are not accessible except by car, sort of a catch 22 for those of us who’d like to decrease our automotive travel. With sufficient connectors around Tallahassee many of us could combine biking and pedestrian travel and avoid conflict with automotive traffic which is unfortunately often annoying to both parties, and sometimes deadly to the pedestrian or biker. Tallahassee CAN have alternative travel.