Annual Awards Committee Let's the Sun Shine In

Lisa Unger, March 2007

Many GWTC members may wonder how the Grand Prix is administered and why certain races are designated grand prix while others are not. To help clarify this and other issues, the Annual Awards committee will take a cue for our state government and let some “sunshine” in on the inner workings of the committee.

From time to time, club members will see information like this published in the Fleet Foot as well as posted on the web page. This article will begin the series by addressing some areas of confusion surrounding the committee.

Many club members are unaware of the official name of the committee and the process for its formation. The actual name, as established in the club bylaws, is the Annual Awards committee. Although the committee is officially named the Annual Awards committee, many club members think of the committee as the Grand Prix committee because a major function of the Annual Awards committee is to administer the Grand Prix. However, there are also other duties and functions involved as well. The committee is formed by appointment of the club President.

The committee typically includes either the club President or Vice President, one at large board member and up to 3 general club members who serve staggered terms, but the President has the authority to appoint the members of the committee as she chooses. The term commitment for each member is a minimum of three years, with the president having the option to renew or replace members at the end of their terms. The premise behind the staggered terms is to retain experienced committee members while adding new members with fresh perspectives at the same time. The intent is that when tasks such as selecting the Grand Prix schedule and awards are undertaken, new ideas will be considered while being tempered by the conservatism of past experience. The 2007 committee was selected by the club President and presented to the board at the January board meeting.

The committee members for 2007 are: Lisa Unger, chair; Mary Jean Yon, club President; Hobson Fulmer, past board member; Jeanne O’Kon and Jackie McDaniels, club members.

Earlier this year there was discussion on the GWIND list concerning the races selected for the 2007 Grand Prix schedule. Some club members wondered why certain races were selected, while others were not. The schedule was developed from eligible races including all Gulf Winds Track Club races and those races for which the race director had submitted an application. The selections were based upon the date of each race as well as the number and distance of eligible races per month. Although a link on the web page asked club members to “Nominate their favorite race for GP”, no nominations were received from any club members. Therefore, the five committee members reviewed each application and discussed each race to develop the best possible schedule for 2007. The proposed schedule was then presented to the board and accepted by vote. The Kids’ Grand Prix schedule was rejected by the board and re-formulated by the committee before final board acceptance.

The selection process for the 2008 schedule will begin later this spring. All GWTC races are automatically eligible for inclusion. Those race directors do not have to apply, but should be aware that their race may be selected without consent (although the committee will certainly work with a race director who would prefer to decline Grand Prix status). In order for any other race to be considered, a current application must be submitted to any one of the committee members. Applications submitted for previous Grand Prix seasons will not be considered; only new and current applications will be considered. Race directors are responsible for completing and submitting the application for consideration, but club members may nominate their favorite race for consideration. The application is available on this web page under the link “2008 Grand Prix Application” and also in the April edition of the Fleet Foot. If you are a race director and would like your race considered for the 2008 Grand Prix schedule, please complete the application and forward it to any of the committee members. If you are a club member who would like to suggest a race for consideration, please contact any of the committee members directly (not on the GWIND list).

Additional reporting about the status of the Annual Awards committee will be provided in future articles. If any club member has a specific question, or would like an issue addressed, please contact Lisa Unger at In the meantime, race directors, use this “sunshine” to get your applications in and club members, speak up now so we know what you want.