GWTC Annual Awards Presentations
Museum of Florida History
R. A Gray Building

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Male Runner of the Year, Female Runner of the Year
In naming its Runners of theYear, Gulf Winds Track Club seeks to honor those who, besides achieving outstanding times in the past year at various distances in local, regional, and national events, have served as models for all of us in their competitive spirit, their continuing devotion to the sport, and their support and encouragement of their fellow runners, both individually and as members of Gulf Winds.
Past Recipients
1978 – Janice Gage, Tim Simpkins; 1979 – Betty Ely, John de Grummond; 1980 – Mae Cleveland, Larry Abele, Jr.; 1981 – (not awarded); 1982 – Donna Miller, Geroge West; 1983 – Laura Caldwell, Dave Sheffield; 1984 – Barbara Balzer, Rick Miller; 1985 – Patty Sudduth, Felton Wright; 1986 – Janice Hochstein, Jim Joanos; 1987 – Michelle Jernigan, Fleetwood Fesmire; 1988 – Carla Brorvicka, Herb Wills; 1989 – Karen MacHarg, Jessie Close; 1990 – Margarete Deckert, Bill Crooks; 1991 – Paula Johnson, David Keen; 1992 – Kathi Ward, Gary Droze; 1993 – Carrie Weyant, Paul Hoover; 1994 – Peggy Simpson, Bill McGuire; 1995- Jan Johnson, David Yon; 1996 – Nancy Widener, Joyce Lowery, Gary Kenney; 1997 – Julie Clark, Howard Andrews
1998 – Mae Cleveland, Bill McGuire

Community Award
To an organization or individual who over a period of years, through financial or other contributions, has supported running in the community at large.
Past Recipients
Lewis State Bank, Chenoweth Distributing Company, Killearn United Methodist Church, International Paper Company Southlands Experimental Forest, Sunshine Advertising, Joe Beckham, Leon County Sheriff’s Posse, The Audio Video Store, The Mill, Sports Beat, Hooters Restaurant, Dunn Chiropractic, Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, International Paper Company Southland Experimental Forest, The Trust for Public Land
1998 – Shannon Sullivan

Volunteer Award
To a person deemed representative of those club members who contribute hours of time assisting in club activities and who often go unrecognized by the club at large.
Past Recipients
Beth Wright, Charles Harshbarger, Betty Winkler, Richard Husband, Robert and Jan Boyd, Joyce Stuart, Melvina MacDonald, Dick Dowdy, Bonnie Benge, Ray Hanlon, Bill Lott/Darren Grant, Bill Lott, Buddy Provost, Ann Kass, Craig Hasty, Jeanne O’Kon
1998 – Martha Haynes

Race Director
In recognition of a GWTC member who has taken a major responsibility in production of quality events, especially those faored by GWTC runners, whether by initiation or direction of the event or by coordination of a major aspect of such event.
Past Recipients
Mike Hochstein, Dave Rogers, Jim and Carolyn Story, Mike Eakin, Lamons and J. D. Warren, David Yon, Daryl Ellison, Joe Dester, Chris Teaf, Ervin Holiday, Barbara Yonclas, Tony Kronenburg, Pat Bruner, Jeff Doherty, David and Judy Waters
1998 – Larry Giuinipero and Bill Hillison

Michael Caldwell Advancement of the Sport
In 1984 GWTC recognized Michael Caldwell’s contribution to the sport with this award for his publication of Racing South Magazine and organization of the Racing South Grand Prix (both now owned by Running Journal). The award, subsequently called the Caldwell Award, is given in recognition of advancement of the sport, whether through research, education or some other area of expertise.
Past Recipients
Michael Caldwell, Rex Cleveland, Bruce Tuckman, John Hesselbart, Charles Yates, Dot Skofronick, Marilynn Wills, Lamons Warren, Gary Droze, Herb Wills, Don Weber, Gretchen Everhart School, Fred Deckert, Gary Droze, Tim Simpkins
1998 – Perry Shaw

GWTC Hall of Fame
Individuals who have brought respect to the Gulf Winds Track Club through their contributions, activities, and running accomplishments, and who have played a major role in shaping the ideals of the club are recognized when inductecd into our Hall of Fame
The GWTC Hall of Fame Roster
Andy Burns, Jim Stephens, Janice Gage, Tim Simpkins, Jeff Galloway, Bill McGuire, Richard Henry, Leitch Wright, Mae Cleveland, Bill de Grummond, Mike Eakin, Rex Cleveland, Dot Skofronick, Dae Rogers, Gary Droze, Herb Wills, Gene Opheim, Tim Kelly, Joe Dester
1998 – Charles Yates

Grand Prix Award Recipients


Male Female
Mike LaBossiere Sarah Williams
Bill McGuire Jane Johnson
Jason Carter Peggy Simpson
Tim Simpkins Sissi Carroll
Tim Unger Nancy Stuparich

Age Groups

9 & Under
Edward Brown Erika Anderson
Austin Hunter Nikki Anderson
Joey Collins Lily Williams
Harry Stewart  
Ryan Deak Mary Wood
Casey Perkins Katelyn Lynch
Logan Wolcott Emily Wood


Justin Andrews Jamie Ostrov
Brian Powell  
Michael Waitathu Jennifer Sobon
  Carolyn Sproat
Steve Kazmierski Ann M. Bowman
Hogar Tait Toma Wilkerson
  Christine Williams
Richard Stephens Kathy Mora
Greg Waddell Lynn Powell
Ronnie Goodwin Kirsten Anderson
Andrew Maurey Judy Alexander
Matt Minno Julie Clark
Jeff Bowman Carrie Weyant
David Yon Fran McLean
Steve Barraco Mary Jean Yon
Michael Peters Malissa Auker
Karl Hempel Nancy Widener
Bill Perry Carol Rhodes
Gary Kenney Kathy Weiss
Jerry Ongley Julie Guhl
Gene Opheim  
Bill Hillison  
Rex Cleveland Mae Cleveland
Dennis Barton Pheona Kaiser
Clint Watkins Ann Draper
John Rakestraw Margarete Deckert
Gary Cooper  
Bill de Grummond  
Robert Morris  
Fred Deckert  
Jere Moore  
John Alderson  
Charlie Yates  
1998 GWTC Summer Track
Grand Prix Award Recipients
Male Female
Doug Gorton Lynn Powell
Boy Girl
Casey Perkins Erin Kenney
Gene Opheim  
Age Group Winners
Gary Cato Jane Cormier
Greg Waddell Jeanne O’Kon
  Nathan Kenney