Business meeting held April 11, 2001 Hosted by Paul and Gina Hiers

Paul Hiers established quorum and called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

Present were Paul Hiers, Mae Cleveland, David Yon, Brian and Judy Corbin, Lynn Powell, Mike Sims, Joe and Nadine Dexter and Tim and Lisa Unger


Judy Alexander began by requesting, on behalf of Gary Kenney, that a few items be donated to Gilchrist Elementary School for a silent auction. She asked for one family membership and a T-shirt. After further discussion, it was decided that the club should donate the membership, a bumper sticker, one youth size and one adult size 25th anniversary t-shirt from Charlie and 2 GWTC travel cups provided by Paul. Judy made a motion for this donation which was seconded by Mae and therefore passed. Paul provided the cups for Judy before she left the meeting.


David Yon reported that the Pot Luck Bash to benefit the Chenoweth Fund would be held at Forest Meadows on June 2nd. He declared it to be a prediction run and explained that participants would not be allowed to wear watches. David also reported that a talent show would be incorporated into the festivities. David discussed the success of the Chiles High meet and circulated a copy of the program so the prominently displayed GWTC logo could be viewed. David talked about the good PR the club gets from such exposure. There were approximately 29 teams entered in the meet this year.

Tim Unger reported on the status of Team Racing 2001. There were 5 teams entered in the Gate River Run and 3 awards were won. There were 2 teams entered in the Azalea Trail 10k. Tim reported that Breeda D-Willis was entered in the race at the last minute and therefore was not counted on the team. There was an entry deadline and late registrations were not accepted. Therefore, the women’s team placed only 5th in the team competition, while the men were declared Co-Champions, having tied the New Orleans Track Club team. Tim reported that all of the team racing shirts had already been distributed and he does not plan to make a new order at this time. The next 2 races on the 2001 schedule are the Fiesta 10k and the Gate to Gate 4.4 Miles. There may be enough interested club members to filed 2 teams at the Fiesta 10k, which has a registration deadline of April 23, 2001. Tim displayed his own personal Seminole flag and informed the board that custom made flags can be purchased from a manufacturer in West Florida.

There was no Clothing report however Tim Unger has been working with Fred and Margarete Decker to determine if new t-shirts should be purchased for retail. Tim made a proposal on behalf of Margarete that 50 tank tops be purchased for $285.00. Paul Heirs made a motion to accept the proposal, and Judy Corbin seconded the motion so it was passed.

Joe Dexter reported no equipment update.

Charlie Yates reported that all is OK and that he is coordinating the racing schedule with Mike LaBossiere for Fleet Foot publication. The next Grand Prix race is the Melon Run in June and the Grand Prix scores are updated through the Rails to Trails 5k and the committee has started reviewing the Springtime results for Grand Prix purposes.

There was no treasurer’s report.

Brian Corbin reported that there are 714 members represented by 433 memberships as of April 10, 2001.

David Yon reported on behalf of Mary Jean that there will be a lecture by a Triathletes representative dealing with orthotics and will be titled Healthy (or Happy) Feet.

Paul Hiers read a letter he received in response to the Volunteer of the Year nomination submitted by Judy Corbin. The letter indicated that the club was not selected as a finalist this year.

Paul Hiers also reported on behalf of Tom Perkins that the response for the Relay for Life teams has been slow.

Nadine reminded everyone of the Palace Saloon 5k to take place April 14, 2001 and that the start time is 8:30 am, not 8:00 am as reported in the Fleet Foot.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:35 PM

**These minutes have not yet been accepted by the board.

Lisa S. Unger


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