April 10, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Sarah Docter Williams

Board/GWTC Members present: Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Jerry Ongley, Charlie Yates, Joe Dexter, Bob Prentiss, David Yon, Tom Perkins, Lynn Powell, Jeff Bryan, Paul Hiers, Bonnie Wright, Sarah D. Williams, Tim & Lisa Unger, Fred & Margarete Deckert, Charles Futch and Dawn Brown.

Tom Perkins called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm and quorum was established.


· Fred Deckert and Dawn Brown opened discussion about the sequence of the 10-Mile Challenge, the Ultra and the 30k. It was suggested that Fred, Dawn, David Waters, Gary Griffin and Charlie Yates get together to discuss the most beneficial sequence. Hopefully the succession of event distances would build upon each other to culminate with the Marathon. The issue was tabled until the May meeting.

· Margarete requested permission to make GWTC apparel available at retail outlets such as Sportsbeat and Shaws. It was decided that as long as the establishment owners agreed and revenues would be properly handled (including sales tax) there was no problem.


· Chenoweth report – David Yon reported for the Chenoweth committee. There were 2 requests for funding. First, CCC requested $500.00 for the city meet and second, $100.00 for the Kids Tri, directed by Felton and Bonnie Wright. Motions were made and seconded for both requests and both were accepted by vote. The Kids Tri was explained. It is for kids 15 and under, entry fees will be $5 and $6 and there will be trophies and/or ribbons for all entrants.

· Team Racing report – Tim Unger reported for Team Racing 2002. The BAM team did not finish because several team members did not attend the event. Tim announced that the River Run team award winners were the Male Master team, the Female Master “A” team and the Open Women “A” team. River Run organizers promised to mail the awards, however they have not yet been received. Tim discussed the Azalea Trail team results. The Open Men team took second place but the Open Female team did not finish due to absences of registered runners. The next team racing opportunities are the Fiesta 10k in Pensacola on May 4th and the Gate to Gate 4.4 Miles at Eglin Air Force Base on Memorial Day. Tim has 4 confirmations for the Fiesta team, but still needs female runners and also is looking for a female scorer for the Gate to Gate event.

· Equipment report – Joe Dexter said everything is fine but he is missing a bullhorn. Tom mentioned the lack of a first aid kit and that one would have been useful at the Springtime 10k. Joe offered to check on pricing but Charlie offered to donate a brand new kit. Insurance for the trailer is for when the trailer is parked. When in tow, the vehicle pulling it has the coverage. Joe said there was still about $400 owed to him from races using the equipment.

· Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are 398 memberships representing 695 members. Judy opened discussion about the Fleetfoot. The membership committee has received several complaints about the content of the newsletter. She advised that a long-standing member had even withdraw his membership. There was further discussion about the printer. Judy offered that The Print Shop, who currently prints the newsletter, is a family owned business and they are trying very hard to accommodate the club’s needs. She feels that we should be able to continue to use them. The discussion was tabled until the May meeting so that Jane can participate.

· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Financial and Budget reports. Handouts were distributed for reference. The Financial report does not include Springtime expenses but the Budget report does include Springtime sponsorships.

· Race Director Coordinator report- Charlie Yates reported that several races in the fall have been switched. The Fall Fest is now on 9/28, which was previously the Prefontaine date. Prefontaine is now on 10/5, which was previously the WDF date and WDF is now 11/2.

· Springtime Report – Tom went over the budget, cash awards, and other things he is doing to make this year’s Springtime race a success. Jeff Galloway will be speaking Friday night at Premier.

· Lynn Powell reported for the Triathletes. There was a good turn out for the Cleremont event. The first aid kit was mentioned again, as there was a crash that involved 2 people from Tallahassee. Everybody was OK, but accidents happen and the club needs to be prepared.

· Social Coordinator – The newly appointed Bonnie Wright presented and discussed a social schedule for 2002. Bonnie’s hard work was evident as 7 social events were proposed, with the opportunity for more.

· Lecture Series – David Yon mentioned that a panel discussion will be coordinated again this year and is scheduled for early in May. Tom reiterated that Dr. John Vantassel would like to speak to our club about IT band injuries. Dr. Vantassel is the FSU Chiropractor who aids the collegiate athletes. We still need a volunteer to coordinate the lectures and get speakers.

· Clothing Coordinator – as previously mentioned in “Guest Presentations”.


· Charles Futch opened discussion about the location of the Summer Track Series. FSU’s Mike Long Track will be under construction this summer so the series cannot be run there as it was last year. Tom offered to discuss this move with Perry. It was suggested that Godby track be used because of its location. It was mentioned that Gary Droze plans to move the Tuesday intervals to Godby as well. The Godby school officials would need to be contacted.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:40 pm.

The next meeting will be at the home of Tom Perkins and Jeanne O’Kon on May 8, 2002.

Lisa Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not reviewed and accepted by the board.


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