Top Ten Reasons for Being a Runner in Tallahasse


By Jane Johnson

Because … on race day morning, after a 30 minute car ride, a cup of coffee and diligent hydrating, a steamy, smelly, plastic receptacle for human waste products can be quickly transformed into a virtual oasis (that grown adults are willing to wait in long lines to get into.)

Because … there is a beauty in the glow that a woman acquires after a hard run that no amount of fancy makeup can ever replicate.

Because … running retards the aging process – or at least, runners only acknowledge they are getting older every five years – when they move to a new age group.

Because … running allows men to apply Vaseline to their nipples and inner thighs in public without fear of being detained for psychiatric evaluation.

Because … running strengthens your mind. If you think about it, your body doesn’t want to exert itself – it knows better. Your body says “stop” way before your mind gives in – and that’s just one of the many ironies of endurance pursuits.

Because … running is a continuum, not a point-to-point event. You never really get to where you are going, because the goal is to keep going.

Because … running has no rules, requires no equipment except cushioned shoes and you can do it just about any time of the day, anywhere you go.

Because … in my estimation, there is no better way to explore a city than on foot in the early morning before the rest of the city wakes up.

Because … when you are running down a road, you have a full view of your surroundings, unlike the limited rectangular view you get through your car windshield.

Because … running enables rugged individualists to be a part of a larger group and still retain their singular identity.