By Bonnie Wright & David Yon


Imagine the sight: Drizzly, rainy and cold and one slightly past middle-aged-almost-adult-race-director screaming at a bunch of kids standing in the rain on a dock about to jump in the water on a very cold day – “Are you ready to have fun?” And then imagine all those kids shouting back: “Yes!”

The weather for the Red Hills Kids Triathlon on Sunday, May 18, 2002, at Maclay Gardens State Park seemed more like the weather conditions you would see in Buffalo NY with the cold wind and rain. But the race itself was full of energy and heat because the kids were excited and enthusiastic. Of course the little kids were calm compared to the big ones. The event included swimming approximately 200 yards in Lake Hall, biking 2.4 miles and running 1 mile. When asked what they thought of the event after finishing, despite the fact they were shivering the kids all gave ringing endorsements. Well, maybe not all as a few got in “over their heads” and quickly got pulled to safety. Most of these kids didn’t even know what a triathlon was until the race, but my guess is they will be back next year with a friend.

Of course having some of the best volunteers from GWTC and triathletes helping out race directors Felton and Bonnie Wright made for a great event. Over 50 kids started and 46 finished. All were accounted for, of course.

Overall results.