Athletes’ performances a result of volunteer coaches’ efforts


By Jeanne O’Kon


Imagine spending four evenings a week, after a full day at the office, working with a group of 60-80 children of all ages. Visualize yourself figuring out how to enhance the physical fitness of all of these children (some of whom are in poor shape!), to prepare them to compete in many different track and field events.

Picture yourself spending your weekends washing cars and participating in other fund raisers to earn travel and food expenses for this large group. Then, envision rearranging your schedule to spend anywhere from two to seven full days at a time, taking this group of children out of town to state and national competitions.

And don’t forget to include the image of yourself planning and carrying out the AAU State Championship Track and Field Competition for three days in Tallahassee in June, for more than 1500 athletes and their families, on top of everything else.

Oh, did I fail to mention the nonexistent paycheck for your efforts?

This describes the life of some of the unsung heroes in our community.

The coaches of the local Capital City Christian Cruisers track team make incredible contributions to the youth of this community. For the past seven years, these coaches have volunteered their time on a daily basis to instruct and guide young athletes toward physical fitness and positive behavior.

The leadership provided by the CCCC coaches promotes Christian values, healthy attitudes, and respect toward others, as well as a sense of pride in one’s effort and achievements.

The good coaching, effective organization, and great leadership have really paid off. With great pride, head coach Alice Sims announced this week that 58 of her team members have qualified for the national track and field competition this year, to be held on July 31 through August 6 in Orlando.

Alice Sims, Ernie Sims, Derrick Walker, John Fahey, and Herronda Mortimer can be very proud of their accomplishments. Their formula for success includes hard work, prayer, and a focus on TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

In 1999, the CCCC track team, with 25 participants, brought home more medals from Nationals than any track team in Tallahassee’s history. Let’s watch and see what happens this year with 58 team members competing!

Without a doubt, these outstanding individuals deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Hats off to these coaches, to the Capital City Christian Cruisers team, and to their parents! Keep up the good work!