Business Meeting, August 11, 1999 Home of Cynthia and Ron Christen

Board Members Present: David Yon, Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Paul Hoover, Will Walker, Gary Kenney, Rex Cleveland, Mae Cleveland, Charlie Yates, Mary Jean Yon

Board Members Absent: Pheona Kaiser, Brian Corbin, Bill de Grummond, Tom Perkins, Joe Dexter.

Others Present: Jeff Doherty, Ron Christen

David Yon, President, called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m.

Minutes from the July meeting were distributed and read by Cynthia Christen.

Minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – Pheona Kaiser (presented by David Yon)

The financial report was read, and approved.

Membership Report – Brian Corbin (presented by David Yon)

Brian had all intentions to be at the meeting, except that he went to the Cleveland’s because an e-mail with directions was sent by Rex, so Brian figured that the meeting was at Rex’s. (And we entrust him with memberships?)

There are 505 memberships with 848.

Equipment Report – Joe Dexter

No report.

Newsletter Report – Rex Cleveland

No report, just a note from Ann Draper about the meeting at her house next month.

Social Director – Sarah Docter-Williams

No report.

Race Director – Will Walker

Scott Ewing from FSU Track will send some of his runners to road race events on the weeks they don’t have races. The runners need to do community service. He asked that GWTC help when they host a cross country meet. There is none this season, however.

For next years AAU event, what does GWTC want to do about selling T-shirts? Will can look into a design. Charlie may be able to help about getting permission to sell things.

Prefontaine Forest Run, Sept. 25 – Jeff Doherty

Jeff presented the proposed budget, and stated that he is still dealing with the federal government on this event. It appears that we may have to pay a $100 fee, plus 5% of gross, and each car a $2 parking fee. Jeff is working on the non-profit aspect for waiver of the $100 fee. Jeff mentioned changing the course for next year, but most attending who expressed opinions like the location where it is. Mae made a motion, Charlie seconded, to accept budget and allow Jeff to work out the fees however he can. Motion passed.

Wilderness Run, Nov. 7 – Gary Kenney

First 100 fees of $8 will go to the Chenoweth Fund. Fifty per cent of every additional registration will go to the Chenoweth Fund, and the rest to Keep Leon County/Tallahassee Beautiful. There is also an associated health fair.

New Business – David Yon

We need another Election Committee. The members will be Mae Cleveland, Bill McGuire, and Bill Perry.

Champ Days. The $1000 from Hemingway Days can go to T-shirts again this year. Medals were suggested.

David queried about training of perspective new race directors. We need a clinic for such training to attract new people for directing races. Also, the mentoring system with a person “shadowing” the director for a race is a good training.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of GWTC. There will be a celebration with the Springtime Tallahassee race.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


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