Board/GWTC Members present: Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Lynn Powell, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Charlie Yates and Jerry Ongley

Tom Perkins called the meeting order at 7:46 pm and quorum was established. The July minutes were read and accepted as presented.


· There were no guest presentations


· Lisa discussed equipment insurance options offered by the RRCA. More investigation will need to be done and a list of items valued over $250.00 (the policy deductible) will need to be compiled. Lisa will work with Joe to complete the list. A report will be made next month concerning insurance responsibilities and the amount of coverage required.


· David Yon reported for the Chenoweth Committee. The Fall Fest will be held at Southwood this year instead of at Fallschase. The entry fees for the first 100 participants, and fifty cents on the dollar for all other participants, will be donated to the Chenoweth Fund. Moondance will provide live entertainment and there will be a Health Fair and an Arts and “Fine Crafts” show. David also reported that the Chenoweth Committee has discussed reviving Dot Skofronick’s running diary as a way of raising funds. Tom added that the Chenoweth fund has made contributions to the “Capital City Christian Cruisers” and the “Trail Blazers” and how valuable this fund is to these youth groups.

· Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Treasurer’s report, which was accepted by the board.

· Charlie Yates presented a list of guidelines for Race Directors applying for their events to become Grand Prix races in an effort to maintain a high level of quality for these races. A few suggestions were made for clarification purposes of items on the list. Charlie will contact the Grand Prix committee and have them review the list to see if they would like to add anything. All board members present expressed support for this type guidance for Grand Prix races. Charlie will report back next month.


· Jerry Ongley opened discussion about re-ordering the Tyvek jackets that were so popular last year. The board discussed whether or not these jackets should remain a special order item coordinated by Jerry, or become a part of regular retail clothing handled by the Clothing Coordinator, Margarete Deckert. Jerry agreed to conduct a study through various media to determine the amount of interest and report back next month.

· David Yon opened discussion about the need to form a committee to process the nominations for next year’s officers. The current committee consists of Bill McGuire, Bill Perry and David. Lisa will contact Mike LaBossiere about advertising for this committee in the Fleet Foot.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:36 pm. The next meeting will be held on September 12th at Tom Perkins’ home.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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