August 14, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Bob Prentiss

Board/GWTC Members Present: Bob Prentiss, Jeff Bryan, Tim & Lisa Unger, Mike Sims, David Yon, Jane Johnson, Lynn Powell, Bonnie Wright, Tom Perkins, Joe Dexter and Hobson Fulmer

Guest Present: Al Bowden

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:38 pm and quorum was established. The July minutes were read and accepted as presented.


· Al Bowden spoke to the board about forming a new youth oriented running group. Al’s 8-year old son ran with the CCCC this year and Al thought GWTC might be interested in forming a similar group. He mentioned that Chiles High may be a good venue and that Scott Gowan showed some interest in helping. Al said he finds CCCC offers too little distance running and little to no jumping or other filed events. He finds that CCCC focuses mostly on sprinting and relays. He finds them to be a great diversion for at-risk kids, but Al is interested in forming a group that focuses more on running and field events. He discussed regional track meets and that kids in the CCCC are entered into only 2 events per meet. Al is interested in having parents enter their own kids in as many events as they want, at the parents’ expense. Al thought the GWTC would have the means and ways to publicize such a group on the Web page, one list and Fleet Foot. The board decided to form a sub committee to further discuss this possibility.


· Treasurer’s report – There was no report this month, but Bob will e-mail a report to board members at a later date.

· Social Coordinator report – Bonnie Wright distributed a budget that explains her expenditures. She is planning a Celebrity dinner at Torrey’s Restaurant that will feature “celebrity waiters.” The per person fee was determined by a board vote and will be $10.00.

· Chenoweth report – David Yon reported that allocations where made to the Capital City Christian Cruisers and Big Bend Track Clubs in the amounts of $2000.00 and $1500.00, respectively. Also, Andrew Bautel, FSU XC, was awarded $500.00. David discussed the upcoming Fall Fest event. Revenue from the first 100 entries and 1/2 of rest of entries will be donated to the Chenoweth Fund. The event will be held on the morning of 9/28/02 instead of in the evening as in the past. David also discussed the Prefountain 5k on behalf of Jeff Nielson. The proposed budget was reviewed and accepted by board vote.

· Race Director Coordinator report – There was no report, but Jane advised that Charlie has the fall schedule arranged.

· Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that all of the equipment was working fine. Joe opened discussion about a city ordinance that requires road races to use different traffic control equipment than what GWTC currently has. The orange traffic cones are actually required to be 36″ with double 3″ strips of reflective tape for street use. The “Road Race in Progress” signs are required to be 36 X 36 diamonds with an orange or yellow background and be placed at least 7′ off the ground. Joe advised that GWTC needs to be in compliance by 9/7 (the ECHO 5k). He offered that there are sleeves available that would extend the height of the shorted cones GWTC current owns and that perhaps the sleeves could be borrowed from DOT to meet the ECHO deadline. Tom Perkins has scheduled a meeting with David Falmouth of TPD to discuss these issues further. Tom also has discussed the signage with Fast Signs and arranged a deal in which they offer $250.00 of in-kind donation toward signs in exchange for their logo being on the Springtime fliers. Joe also advised that the Shaw’s Fall Classic fliers are available.

· Clothing Coordinator – Lisa discussed an e-mail received from Fred with the current inventory of merchandise.

· Membership report – No report.

· Team Racing report – Tim Unger reported that he is coordinating an unofficial team for the Jacksonville Summer Beach Run (8/24). So far he has recruited Tim Bolton, Barrett Haga, Bill McGuire and himself. Tim reported to the board that he had been contact by Bob Fine of the USAT&F. Tim was nominated to run for Vice President of the organization, but due to family obligations, he declined. He advised the board that the other nominations were being accepted if anyone else was interested. Tim distributed paperwork about the Gasparilla Distance Classic for board members to review before next month’s meeting that will be attended by a representative of GDC.

· Lecture Series – Jane reported for Art that Gary Griffin will be giving a lecture on Ultra Running sometime in October.

· Newsletter report- It was reported that the printer has been changed from The Print Shop to Harvest printers. They promise better quality and 7-10 days turn around time

· Triathlete report – There was no report, however, Jane mentioned that Kathy McDaris will try to start a new Fleet Foot column similar to the new “Featured Feet” which would spot light a different triathlete each month.


· Hobson Fulmer addressed the board about his two races, the St. George Island Sizzler 5k and the Apalachicola Bridge Run 10k. He would really like one or even both of them to be Grand prix events and added that the Sizzler event needs more help in attendance that the Bridge Run.

· Jeff Bryan also made a plea for the Palace Saloon 5k to be a Grand Prix event.

· Tom Perkins opened discussion about a water fountain possibly being installed at the Maclay gardens trial head with arrangements being handled by Beth Widner of Maclay Gardens. Tom explained that before any digging can be done in a state park can be made a full architectural site study must be performed. Also, the fountain would have to be handicap compliant. The anticipated cost of such a fountain is about $1600.00. Since so many GWTC members use the Lake Overstreet and surrounding trails, which would benefit from this fountain, that perhaps GWTC should contribute to the cost of the fountain.

· Joe Dexter continued discussion about a social event involving biking and running to be staged at the nine-mile point of the St. Marks Bike Trail sometime in September. He emphasized that it would be a social event and focus more on fun than competition. It would be for both kids and adults.

· Minor discussion was held about the social events of earlier days. It was recollected that board meetings used to be social events, but determined that the club has grown so much and that there is too much actual business involved to hold meetings like that anymore. It was also discussed and decided that there are plenty of planned social events separate from business meetings for all club members to participate in and that our social coordinators have done a great job with this coordination.

· David mentioned that the Constitution has been updated and he would be e-mailing the revisions to board members for review. He encouraged board members to make comments and suggestions at the next meeting. Upon the board’s acceptance of the changes, the revision will be posted on the Web page for the club at large to review, with a general vote to accept or deny to take place at the year end party.

· Tom Perkins mentioned that Lonnie Draper, head of the ER at TMH, has donated a first aid box to the club.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 pm.

The next meeting will be at the home of Mike Sims on September 11, 2002.

Lisa Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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