August 13, 2003 Business Meeting Hosted by Bob Prentiss

Board/GWTC Members present: Jane Johnson, Tom Perkins, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Bob Prentiss, Nadine Dexter, Brian Corbin & Judy Alexander, Paul Ahnberg, Paul Hiers, Charlie Yates, Jerry Ongley, Mike Sims, Jeff Neilsen, Tony Guillen, Dawn Brown and Julie Clark

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:41 pm and quorum was established. The July minutes were read and accepted by motion, 2nd and vote.


· Training Committee report – Julie Clark reported that flyers have been made for the Beginning Running Class as well as the Marathon and Half marathon training classes, which start later. Julie reported that they have indication the program will be a success and that there is a lot of interest already. The committee has mailed out over 250 flyers and has received responses. Jane added that she has applied for a grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation, which would help the Training Committee.
· Race Director report(s) – Dawn Brown discussed adding to the 10 Mile Challenge the new feature of a 5 Mile relay. Dawn discussed some pros and cons and logistics. A motion was made to grant Dawn the discretion to modify the 10 Mile Challenge, which was seconded and passed by vote. Jane continued discussion about the Couples Caper and possible dates were discussed with caution as to not overlap with any other prominent race. Jane will advise Fred that 2/18/04 looks the best and ask him to make a presentation to the board at a future meeting. Discussion was also held about Fred’s age grading system and that he has offered it to interested race directors. Jeff Neilsen confirmed that the Prefontaine 5k will take place on 9/27 at Silver Lake. He explained it would be a very low budget race and will use left over shirts, it is also a Grand Prix event and replaces the cancelled Fall Fest.
· Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are 400 memberships that represent 723 members.
· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss distributed and discussed the Financial and Budget reports.
· Triathlete report – Tony Guillen reported that the Triathletes had no meeting this month as it conflicted with the Midsummer 3k. They will resume as normal next month. Currently, Lisa Purell and Rob Roller are training for the Hawaii Ironman.
· Equipment report – Nadine Dexter reported for Joe that all equipment is fine with nothing new to report.
· Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates discussed the revised Race Directors Handbook and advised that he hopes his new house will be built and ready for next February when he hosts the board meeting and celebrates his birthday.
· Chenoweth report -David reported that the committee received a request from for $1000.00 so the team can travel to a Cross Country meet. A motion was made to approve the request, then seconded and accepted by vote.
· Social Coordinator report – no report; Clothing Coordinator report – no report; Team Racing report – no report; Lecture Series – no report; Newsletter report- no report

· Judy asked the board for $150.00 to reserve a tent site for the 2004 Relay for Life. A motion to pay for the reservation was made, seconded and passed by vote. Jane discussed the 2004 elections and possible candidates.
· Tom Perkins advised the board that Capital Health Plan has committed to a $15,000.00 sponsorship for the Springtime 10k and Turkey Trot races. Healthplan Southeast is no longer sponsoring Springtime and Comcast Cable is not sponsoring the former Women’s Distance Festival (now Women’s Distance Challenge).
· Bob requested the board discuss the awards (Grand Prix) budget at the next meeting to decide if the club spends too much money and if it can be reduced.
· Judy requested permission and/or help in revising the club brochure, which is very outdated. Charlie Yates volunteered to update the brochure and e-mail it to Judy for printing.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:05 pm. Mike Sims will host the next meeting on September 10, 2003.
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board. Lisa Unger, Secretary


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