Temperatures in the mid forties and a fast well-marked course opened the door for a number of PR’s. Mara Fair, Greg Waddell, Bruce Moore, Sharon Smith and Robin O’Neil-Wann all ran through that door to set PR’s of 47:23, 35:13, 38:46, 49:52 and 1:13:34, respectively. The race celebrated Veteran’s Day by awarding trophies with flags on top to the age group winners. Thanks to Liv Warren, Ronnie Godwin and everyone else in Bainbridge for a very fine event.

Flash 12K winner Michael Strickland returned from Atlanta to win another area race by a big margin running a 33:29. Sarah Docter-Williams ran a 37:07 to take the women’s title, eighth overall and another thirty grand prix points. So, how about that men’s GWTC grand prix race? Tim Unger won a close battle with Greg Waddell and Paul Hoover to take second overall in 35:02 and capture the 30 points for first club finisher. He did not put Greg (35:13) away until the last half mile of the race. Current leader, Tim Simpkins, finished fifth overall and fourth in the points race. Best I can tell that gives Simpkins a six point lead over Unger with only the Turkey Trot races left to run. Of course there are three races to run there, so it should be fascinating to see the finish of this one. Got any strategy to tips to offer these guys?

Fran McLean, nursing an injury that has been keeping her from running during the week, gutted out another tough race to place second in the women’s race and win the master’s title, just nipping Peggy Simpson (43:37 to 43:55). Fran’s second place race finish may have clinched second place in the overall grand prix. Jane Johnson, the only person with a chance to catch her, will have to win one of the Turkey Trot races to have any chance to catch her. Tim Unger wrestled the men’s masters title from Paul Hoover by finishing just twenty seconds ahead of Paul.

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