Beginner’s running class


Running Column Julie Clark


Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I could get in shape, but I just don’t have the energy/time/motivation/money” or “I’d like to exercise if I could just get started” ? If this is you, then you have a chance to get started. Come on out Monday, July 9th at 6:15 PM and sign up for the Gulf Winds Track Club Beginning Running and Fitness Class. This free 12 week session utilizes the strength of a group and a “fitness is fun” philosophy toward a final goal of completing a 5K (3.1 mile) event.

For most of us, getting in shape and maintaining it is not simple or easy. Many people who start exercising find that it is a constant struggle. Typically something new is started with a fire of enthusiasm and then fizzles out. To keep the fire charged it takes commitment, dedication, hard work and constant adjustments.

One way that many people are able to overcome the “burnout” syndrome is to join a group. The group setting provides the much needed support to overcome obstacles when the “going gets tough”. In a group setting, you not only make a commitment to yourself, but you also make a commitment to the group. In many situations it may even push you beyond what you thought you were originally capable of accomplishing. The group environment also allows us to meet people with similar goals and form lasting friendships.

Registration for the Beginning Running and Fitness Class will be on Monday, July 9th at 6:15 PM. Classes are every Monday from 6:30 -7:30 PM at the Myer’s Park Fitness Trailhead (just behind the swimming pool off Myer’s Park Drive). This event is open to all persons of all fitness levels and ability, but specifically designed for the beginner. The first 9 weeks we will utilize the Myer’s Park fitness course incorporating various exercises, walking and jogging. The final 3 Mondays we will take our training to the road to prepare for a 5K road race. The grand finale of the class will be the Women’s Distance Festival 5K (for women and men) that will be held on October 6th. In addition to the class time on Mondays, expect to spend 30 minutes twice a week exercising on your own time. See you Monday!

If you have questions about this event, you may call me, (Julie Clark) at 575-9266. See you there!