By Julie Clark


The Beginning Running & Fitness Class was a wonderful experience for myself and I hope it also was for the participants. I met many interesting people and made new friends. The first 6 weeks, we concentrated on the fitness course at Myers Park. We incorporated push-ups, pull-ups, sit-up crunches, and other exersizes along with jogging. We then moved to Optimist Park and concentrated on running for the final 6 weeks of the course. There was a record turnout of over 80 participants at the beginning of the course in July. Participants fought extreme conditions including the intense heat, mosquitoes, rain, flooding and rough terrain. All this, not to mention the difficulties for many involving a change of lifestyle from sedentary to active.

The following persons completed the 12 week class and completed their first 5K race (PERSONAL RECORDS) at the Woman’s Distance Festival on October 6th: Amy Balla, Robbie Bouplon, Tammy Brennan, Mike Brennan, Cedric Cody, Laura Dunaway, Lezlie Gardner, Noelle Melanson, Joann Milford, Suzanne Morris, Lara Parker, Estella Phelps, Jose Rodriguez, Kimberly Ruscher-Rogers, Debra Wahington.

Others who completed the class include: Bill Allaman, Melissa Allaman, Patty Alvarez, Ginger Barry, Julie Cleary, Sarah Dugger, Rebecca Dugger, Dean Dugger, Melia Flores, Marci Goodwin, Johanna Mackinnon, Sherri Martin, Pam McGinnis, Sarah Melanson, Ed Parker, Joann Parsons, Rachel Prieth, Randal Stowers, Diane Tomasi Julia Tomasi, Brooke Wilson and Angi Wright.

Last, but not least, I must mention co-instructor David Brey. David’s dedication, leadership and fun-filled attitude was a major contribution to the overall success of the class. David never missed a class or a beat!

We continue to meet on Monday and Wednesday’s at 6pm at Optimist Park for a 3 mile jog. Anyone who would like to join in is welcome. The next scheduled training group will be the Springtime 10K group. This group will begin in January on Monday evenings at 5:30PM at the D.O.T. parking lot. I will be looking for participants and volunteers.