Breakfast on The Track – 2007


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Somewhere in the middle of the night Volunteer Extraordinaire, Bill Lott woke to the sound of thunder and flash of lightening and heard the down pour outside his house. For once though he rolled back over and slept soundly knowing that there were no course chalk marks being washed away from the roads. After all in the not so distant past, Gary Droze had put down a new surface on the Maclay track, and Bill knew most runners would find their way around the track without getting lost even if there was no chalk. I am sure that Felton and Bonnie Wright, the race directors, had a hard time getting back to sleep (Jamie, I am sure never awoke) wondering what disasters the weather might bring. But morning brought clear skies and slightly cooler temperatures and the usual outstanding production of the Breakfast on the Track mile race.

Four laps around the track is not the same distance for everyone. Sometimes the pace just breaks your mind and spirit (see my effort) and sometimes you just seize the moment and bury everyone else on that last lap. Mike Martinez put on a great show blistering the final 440 to win the event with a time of 4:48.04 making him the second fastest master of all times. (Doug Gorton holds the record with a 4:45). Five runners broke the 5:00 barrier with Jay Wallace being the last one to do so. In the women’s race Sarah Docter-Williams won for the eighth time with a time of 5:12.91. Sarah holds the masters record for women at 5:07.13 which she ran in 2005. Once again this race proved a great venue for young and old to duke it out as more than 60 runners 21 years and younger ran the distance.

Dave Rogers and Jeanne O’kon brought us the 2007 version of the Hamstring 100 as the sprinters took over the track after the mile races finished to show how true athletes perform.

This race is unique at designing creative awards for runners. Every runner received a nice nylon carrying bag and award winners received backpacks. Bill McGuire blasted tunes out at the Maclay pool as finishers kicked back, cooled off and enjoyed the memories of four laps around the track. I don’t know how many of them woke up to the sound of thunder and rain during the night, but I hope they all appreciate the outstanding quality of the this production – even if for once Bill Lott didn’t have to worry whether the rain was washing away his chalk.

Mile Results

Hamstring 100


Jacque Myers 15.19
Kirsten Beggett 16.86
Lisa Unger 18.08
Amy Springer 18.22
Willow Shanti 21.62
Meghan Jones 23.96

Men’s 100

Fritz Stoppelbein 12.99
Michael Springer 13.33
Dave Rogers 13.71
Hobson Fulmer 13.95
Gary Cato 14.74
Jay Wallace 14.87