Bill Lott Volunteer of the Year Award

Presented by Michael Savage

It’s no secret that a dedicated group of volunteers is an important cornerstone of many non-profit organizations. Gulf Winds Track Club is one such organization. More importantly, repeat volunteers anchor an organization with their experience and ability to mentor new volunteers. And what keeps bringing them back? It must be the pay. Yep, it’s certainly the pay. I mean most likely every volunteer has had to pay out of their pocket some amount of money along with theirtime to make any event a success.

Despite serious illness and injury, the 2015 honoree volunteered as race director and helped out at numerous racing events, among them the Summer Track series at Maclay High School. And itis not just showing up at the time of the event. Many hours are put in before the event itself;registering people, stuffing packages, physical setup, etc. Also, this honoree stays well after the event to ensure everything is picked up put away and the area is left clean.

Really, this volunteer is like so many of the people involved with Gulf Winds Track Club. He helps out, he’s fun to be around, he’s funny, generous, works hard and he offers genuine encouragement to beginning and experienced runners alike. However, the one thing that thisperson does best, he brings the Music like no other! It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the 2015 Bill Lott Volunteer of the Year….Tom Perkins.