Well, it’s time for all good nominees for office to have their names presented to the board. It’s PAST time, in fact. As Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, I was supposed to have a tentative slate submitted to the board at their Sept. meeting. However, that meeting slipped right by me. Mea culpa. (That’s Latin for “My bad”.)

Now, the final list is supposed to be submitted at the Oct. board meeting next Wednesday, and we are still looking for several folks to run for Board-of-Directors’ positions. So, I would ask any of you that think you would like to be on the board to please have someone nominate you in writing to bmcguire31@comcast.net.

If you have someone else you would like to nominate, check with them to make sure they are willing to run, and then e-mail me with their name. But please don’t delay. Time is tight because of my tardiness, and I need to have any and all names submitted and confirmed in time for the October 12 board meeting. Thanks for your help on this.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at the address above, or call me at home (562-2295). By the way, we had some excellent nominees last year who didn’t make it into the top five. I’d like to extend to those folks a special invitation to try it again this year. Even David Yon didn’t make it onto the board on his first try!!

P.S. I’ll tell you one thing we really need for next year, and that is a Nominating Committee Chairperson who will do this thing right and stay on schedule, for once. It’s really not that hard to do; I just make it look that way! (You are welcome to e-mail me about this, as well.)