Breeda’s Favorite Books


GWTC members recently listened to Breeda Dennehy-Willis’s lecture about how to battle through injuries and get a healthy lifestyle back on track. Breeda listed a number of information sources and promised to make the list available for all. So…here it is…

“Active Isolated Stretching” By Aaron L. Mattes

A stretching exercise for every muscle in the body, a must have for all runners.

“Informed Touch” A Clinician’s guide to Evaluation and Treatment of Myofascial Disorders By Finando

An easy to understand book of Janet Travell, M.D. myofascial Pain and dysfunction.

“Ten Years Younger” By Steven Masley, M.D.

The ten-week plan to look better, feel better, and turn back the clock.

Introduced to this book by Dr. Karl Hempel, great recommendation loved the comprehensive out line to diet, exercise and healthy living.

“Treat your own Back” By Robin McKenzie, PT.

PLUS “Rapidly Reversible Low Back Pain” By Ronald Donelson

Breeda’s choice for Vitamins etc.

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