Volunteer Spotlight - Burt Melaugh

By Judy Alexander and David Yon, April 6, 2007

Sometimes the best surprises just appear in your inbox.  Today’s race directors know just how special it is to find an email in their inbox saying “can I help somehow?”   That is exactly what happened last November when Burt Melaugh answered a desperate plea for help with Turkey Trot.  He proved to be one of those “great” volunteers who just says “put me in coach, I don’t care what position.”  Since then he has worked the Ultra, the 30K, the Special Olympics 5K, the Marathon, Bowlegs, Springtime and he will be there for the Palace Saloon.   For inspiration, he cites the great examples set by people “such as Gary and Vicky Droze, Bill Lott, Dr. Dunn/Barbara/Sharon, and Kim Ortloff who have given so much help over the years with running and triathlon events that they receive no benefit for, other than the satisfaction of seeing others succeed.”  Burt goes on to say: “They are examples of why, after traveling the country and planet a bit, there is no doubt that the finest people anywhere are right here, which leads to the second reason to volunteer –  the chance to be around great people.” 

He is thinking it might get more difficult to volunteer in Tallahassee for the next couple years though.  He told race director Judy Alexander that:  “I’d love to help next year, but I’m moving to Spain in April to introduce a restaurant concept there, and then bring it back here in six years.  Please pencil me in 2013!”  He sends GWTC members a great invitation “Anyone who would like to stop by Alicante has a place to stay.  Also, please mention to anyone who would like to venture into ultra distance racing that I’ll be happy to send them a training program on spread sheets and walk them through it day by day.”

You can take advantage of Burt’s offer by contacting him at b_melaugh@yahoo.com

If you have someone you want to nominate for the Volunteer Spotlight email david@radeylaw.com.

And if you want to volunteer for the Palace Saloon, email director@palacesaloon.com.