Community Award - Kiwanis Club

Presented by Charlie Yates

Sometimes even a whistleblower can’t get a complicated issue straightened out. Well, shucks, if they can’t, how in the world could I? In an effort to help me become more aware of some of the important things that happen somewhat behind the scenes, my late great friend Col. Jere Moore used to call and invite me (from Jere it was really a command) to attend a meeting about a certain initiative with which he was then involved. I have met in the Board Room of the Tallahassee Memorial Foundation, I have met in the Board Room, formerly the Living Room in the former Yaeger home on 7th avenue, you are getting the picture, in the interest of one of Jere’s, often meaning Kiwanis, projects.
One of his tricks was to stipulate that I would be representing my Rotary Club along with his Kiwanis Club, and usually other identifiable groups. Being proud of Rotary , seeing as how Rotary was founded in 1905 and Kiwanis was not founded until 1915, I could never say no.
I eventually came to accept and appreciate that fact that Rotary was not the only Service oriented club in the world, that there was Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists, Civitan and others that were active in our community. Where there was a catalyst, especially one like Jere there was action generated of the type that provided significant benefit to groups within the community and the community at large, things like Shots by Two for babies, etc.

Gulf Winds Track Club has recognized Publix Supermarkets, Jusko’s Fun Station, the U-Haul University Center, and many diverse others. But no group has had members that got up at 5:30 in the morning year after year after year and handled the parking of thousands of cars at the Turkey Trots until Jere committed his club to do the job. Jere is gone but the commitment continues. The recipient of this years Community Award is the Northside Kiwanis Club of Tallahassee, represented by Jere’s friend, and now Gulf Winds’ friend, Mark Ivester. Please come forward, Mark.